Confidence in Christ Alone

I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now. I have changed blogs and hosts a few times, and just registered my own domain  name. I  was presently surprised that my latest blog stat is over the 10,000 mark. But really, does it matter? I remember when I first started blogging, I researched and joined all sort of sites and communities to get more traffic to my blog; it’s just one of those things we do in the blogosphere. I remember there were times when I’d see days slip away b/c I was so sucked into what I was doing. I had to post daily, I had to try and keep up with my blogroll, I had to read my favorites and then make sure to comment in hopes that they would come and do the same on my blog. “I had, I had, I had” What started out with the intention of glorifying God through me learning and sharing my life lessons was about to turn right on me and teach me something; for the one thing that I enjoyed was now causing me to become a slave to it. I am sure I’ve blogged this at some point, but perhaps not in the same way. We all know to put our confidence in Christ, and when we do, he will grow us in some really big ways. Recently I have been on myself to blog more. There was this nagging feeling that if I didn’t do it, people would lose interest and stop coming by; I’ve already noticed my comments have gone down. Work, Work, Work. That is what it was becoming. The joy was lost b/c I was trying once again to put my confidence in the response of others instead of trusting God was leading people to my blog to get some encouragement. How often we do this with so many areas of our lives; especially with our relationship to God. We forget, and get back in the driver’ seat “No worries Jesus, I got this”. How easily we deceive ourselves, even if it’s with something as simple as a blog. It’s a very good lesson for me to learn, and one of surrender. I am worshiping God through my writing and I am trusting that who needs a word will be lead here for that. I hope to no longer whoop and holler about blog stats, but I just might, when I let the human side of me out; and if I never receive another comment on my blog that would be fine with me, b/c it’s so often not was is said, but how what is said changes a person and then allows that person to live a different life. I hope and pray that I can be God-honoring with this little declaration of mine, and I hope that all who come to find my blog will not only be blessed, but will grow in the characteristics of Christ; because that is the point. Yes, Lord, may my confidence always be in you alone.  Thank you for reminding me of this once again today.