The Importance of a Quiet Time: The Gift that You Need and Need to Give.

We all know that we live in a very noisy world full of distractions that pull us in many different directions.  I know this is no surprise to any of us, but it does seem like it is getting harder and harder for people to even be patient with one another.  I was in a discussion this past week with some other people about how rushed of a society we have become.  One person shared how they even got rushed through the checkout line of stores while trying to put their money back in their wallet and getting gathered together.  This person was actually nudged by the cart behind them to get out of the line.  I’m glad that they shared that example because I have had that same experience.  Half the time I just throw everything in my purse and organize it later.  It’s pretty sad I think that we have become so impatient with one another that we can’t even let another person finish up at the end of their purchases.  I mean really, if you’re in that much of a hurry, go through the self check out line.  This example came to mind as I am sitting here trying to have my quiet time with God and at the same time feeling compelled to write about it ( I guess I’m not exempt from this rushed thinking either).  But as I reflect on the importance of making a quiet time with God, I’ve often thought of it as something I need to keep myself fixed on Him. But perhaps it’s not just about what I need, but what He needs.  It is a relationship, and it not only deserves my time, but my full attention; and He is deserving of that.   I’ve heard how hard it is for many to sit quietly and wait on the Lord or strike up a conversation with him. That is why, I often have soaking music on in the background, to help me draw near to God and keep me focused on Him.  This is also a great time to write down words or phrases, or draw pictures that draw your mind to God.  We’re given the gift of silence and our minds start to go in several different directions, We start thinking of what we need to get done, and where else we need to be.  I guess if we equated this to a human relationship, we would want to make sure that we give others the time that they deserve or that we have promised them.  And if we are trying to be led by the voice of God in every area of our lives, then we need to make the time to see those quiet times with Him as valuable and necessary.  With anything, if you want to cultivate and create depth and meaning, you’re going to have to want and be willing to spend the needed time with it.  Spending quiet time with God is both a gift that we give to ourselves and to God.  The giver of life and time is worthy of our time. He deserves for his most prized creation to commune with him. That is the whole reason we exist, for a relationship with the Triune God.  So the next time you find your quiet time a bit inhibiting on your plans, remember that you belong to another, and that He needs to come before anything else, so that you can be led by His wisdom and love, and that you are reminded that the relationship that you claim to have with Him takes time and intentionality.  Don’t let life’s distractions push your thoughts away, trying to demand of you what they have no right to.  Remember that you are a child of God, you are dearly loved, and that the God of the universe wants to share His heart with you.  So find a quiet place, maybe put on some instrumental music to settle your mind.  Let this time be an offering and a gift to the both of you, and be prepared to have a wonderful time growing closer to God.


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