The Power of a Personal Manifesto

Are you familiar with the idea of a manifesto?  It’s a public declaration of motivations, intentions or  views on an issue.  You can see it in many different areas of life.  It circles around what you value most in life and what you believe, and what you are aiming to achieve or become.  It’s not a perfect or complete thought process on all that you are trying to accomplish, but it helps to keep you forward focused on where you’re planning to go; and it helps ground you in the truth of who you are when things get hard and you want to give in or give up.  I read many a manifesto, creed and declaration that surrounds my Christian faith. Some are one paged, and some are broken up by different subjects in a compiled book.  If you were to do a google search, you’d find much written on the topic. But the best way to create a manifesto is to probably begin to read some that others have written and allow that to help you form your own..  Between the many that I have read and use on a regular basis to keep my thinking straight, I have tried to create my own.  Because I am a woman of many words, it was very hard to find a stopping point.  I felt as though I could write a book on all that I wanted to declare over my life and I probably could and maybe one day will.  But for now, I just had to start.  I knew I couldn’t just read and copy what others have said, because it had to be deeply personal; but if their words rang true in my life as well, I’d find a way to say the same thing in my own way.  So below is what I came up with this past weekend.  It  may have some parts that are somewhat repetitious, but it’s also a work in progress.  You can have manifestos and creeds for your family, your calling, your identity, your healing, your dreams and goals, and just about anything you want.  The point is to declare truth over your life that aligns with your values, beliefs and goals to keep you focused on the main thing and keep your mind in a healthy place of thought.  Since I am working on my writing currently and feel called to that, as well as some other things, I wanted to write a manifesto to help me stay focused on my calling-however it may evolve.  Again the main idea is to keep moving my thoughts forward with self-encouragement as I rely and rest in God.  Have you written a manifesto, creed or declaration?  I’d love to hear about it.

My Calling Manifesto

I am created in the image of the creator to create and bring life and light to all I do that brings Glory to God and not myself.

I will daily practice my craft to not only improve but to bring devotion, focus and clarity to what I am called to do.

God is my strength and my shield, who has called and equipped me for every good work, and who is leading me every step of the journey.

I will not let noise or setbacks in life distract me from what I am called to do.

There is rest and peace in the calling, even when it is hard.  It pulls me out of my comfort zone calling me to go deeper.

My calling is a gift that is not just for me, but to be given away for others to help them in their journey.

I will not quit and give up when things get hard, but see them as times of strengthening and sharpening

I will wait and be led by the voice of God and my peace will remain in all I do.

The calling will never go away, but it will go deeper and wider than I originally thought; with many doors to pass through.

The calling is both mysterious and practical; takes radical faith, and specific steps to achieve.

With God as my guide, I will map out my life direction by being intentional and focused with aligning my life with my values, setting goals, and creating a plan for opportunities to happen.

I can only move forward in my calling.  God is always moving forward, and advancing the Kingdom, and so must I.   I cannot go lateral or backwards.

My calling is much bigger than me, and I can’t do it without God’s leading and insights.  It is not for the faint of heart and it is not a quick journey.  As I allow God to lead me, it will become clearer.

My calling will not always be understood by others, even those who believe in me and spur me ahead.

When I am pursuing my calling for the Glory of God and trying to follow and rest in Him, He will provide every need.  He sees and honors my obedience and helps me course correct along the way.


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