Being Filled Up to be Poured Out

     We are such busy people.  Even with the best intentions to be still before the Lord, we all seem to fall short.  We may start off like Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus, but we don’t always stay there for very long.  We must get up and get on with the things of the day. But what I am trying to remember this morning, is that as important as it is to have a quiet time with God, we then have to learn to keep our minds engaged in the things of heaven throughout our day, having a heavenly trained perspective, instead of an earthly one.  That doesn’t mean ignoring peoples needs, but being able to meet them where they are with with the ability and desire to bring life, hope and healing into their circumstance.  I haven’t mastered this yet; just like you, I don’t always see heaven in paying the bills, or keeping up with cleaning the house, but I guess it could be seen as being a good steward; we just need to practice thinking that way one task at a time.  As Jeff Goins talks about in much of his writing in helping writers to write, we have to do the hard work of training ourselves to take small stesps to the goal or outcome we want to see.  Setting our goals and then working towards them-because nothing beats doing the hard work of putting the time in,  when we live in a society that tries to get us to find a quick and easy solution to what we want.   Again, easier said than done, but just keep trying and allow the grace and love of God guide you in the process and journey.   I’m really excited for this upcoming week because I will be going to a Graham Cooke conference who is a leader in transformation Christian thinking-exactly what God has been talking to me about this morning.
     So as I was sitting with the Lord this morning, thinking about how my day might unfold, I knew I needed Him to fill me.  Just like we drink coffee to wake up, I needed God to wake up my Spirit, Just like going to the gas station and stopping our cars to fill them up, we need to learn to pause throughout the day, and get filled up.   So that was my prayer this morning; ” God keep filling me up today, and make me aware of what you are doing; keep my eyes fixed on things above and not on earthly things.  Help me to number my days and my moments so that I would be a good steward of what you have given me.”  I read some of Psalm 119, focusing on my need for His help.  “Open my eyes that I may see, cause me to understand, teach me your law, give me discernment and direct my footsteps” (Psalm 119: 18,27,29, 36).  I then spent sometime just sitting at his feet, listening to some instrumental music, allowing Him to draw me to himself and fill me.
     So what are some of the ways that you find that you need God to fill you up?   And how do you engage your mind to the things of heaven throughout the day, cutting out noise to that you can hear and abide in the vine of Christ.  I’d love to hear you share so that we might all be able to learn from one another on our journey’s.

3 thoughts on “Being Filled Up to be Poured Out

  1. Excellent post, Robin. You are so right. It is easy to get caught up in worldy matters during the day. We all have our thoughts going on about everything during the day and I believe we all end up with some “self-talk”. I try to remind myself that my whole life should actually be a constant prayer. So when I catch myself in that self-talk mode, I realize that the Holy Spirit is always present in me, so I am actually having a conversation with Him. It is amazing how quickly you get your thoughts under control and change your thinking (especially if someone has just cut in infront of you or something similar….lol)

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