Why I need to blog

I hate to admit it, but it’s been a long time away from the joy of blogging that I once new.  I had a personal/spiritual crisis over the last several years as I attended seminary, and the life journey that God has had me on has been full of twists and turns.  The writing didn’t stop; I guess that’s a good thing, and maybe affirms that it is a sacred gift kept safely inside of me, because I did journal a lot, mostly on my laptop and some on good old fashioned paper.  But this I know, I am a happy person when I am sharing my life with others, especially my spiritual journey through words; which I have done over the years in different written ways, whether that was an email of encouragement to those I served along side with in church, writing a  prayer newsletter for 2 churches I attended, or keeping a personal journal in hopes to publish some type of work someday; Writing has been more than a hobby for me, but a way for me to bring forth my unique contribution in life in a way that no one else can.  That is why we write; to share what God has, is, and is yet to do in all of our lives.  To encourage one another as we visit each others sites and comment on how their journey has touched ours.  It’s the unconventional way of doing relationship that is a sacred sect in a way, because we are creating and sharing our written words with one another, that brings us closer on a spiritual level that other relationships can’t do.  I know it sounds almost weird, but as I type this, I really sense God guiding my understanding in this like never before.  And sometimes that is why my posts aren’t even Facebook worthy.  Not that I don’t want people to read my stuff, but for a piece like this, many just wouldn’t get it, if you don’t have that passion inside of you to write; perhaps they could appreciate it, but maybe not. Sometimes it’s easier being vulnerable in your writing like this, to fellow writers who can relate, than to a friend or family member who doesn’t get it at all. So this is why I need to blog.  I need keep the conversation going outside my head.  Thoughts are great, especially spiritual ones, but spiritual thoughts shared can bring growth, wisdom, insights, pondering and transformation.   Starting again is unknown, how often do I write?  Will God lead me like He did before or will it look different?  Already, I think it is different, but I hope that I can find a rhythm to write here that is freeing.  Please keep me in your prayers and please chime in with any advise or tips to keep flowing in the words here.  Thanks, and God Bless.  Let there be Writing!

One thought on “Why I need to blog

  1. Hi Robin: I don’t think you are alone in the reasons that you write. I had never heard of blogging, yet I have 5 published books, and when it was mentioned my response was, “Huh?” I have since found it is an outlet to share our thoughts, spiritual and otherwise, with like minds and even to help support others in their journey. I have 2 blogs, one a support group for those who have been abused and this is the Lord’s way of using what He has brought me through and has taught me to help others. In my opinion it isn’t just a love of writing but a means of revealing what’s in our heart. If it brings to light something in someone else then the blessing is even greater. Keep on writing, even if it’s just for yourself. Blessings to you.

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