My Vent for the day: Why I Read

My Vent for the day: Why I read. Someone said to me the other day when I was talking to them about applying knowledge from what I learned in a book. “Well, that’s just a book..” I know what they meant. They were trying to say you can’t just read a book and try and plug in a formula to make it work. I get that. But let me tell you why I read. I read books of all types to not just gain information, but for transformation; to learn how people have done things, to challenge my thinking, to stretch and to grow. That is why I read. And that is why I also read the Bible, not for information but for true lasting character formation and transformation that looks like Christ. So I will continue to read the books that God leads me to, whether that is leadership of various sorts, or many other subjects I could go into. I read to grow, I read to be challenged and be changed, I read because I vow to be life long learner, and wanting to then ask God where we go from here, and how do I use what I learn for His purposes in my own unique way, passions and gifting. That is why I read. If we cease to grow we will die. Grace and Peace.

One thought on “My Vent for the day: Why I Read

  1. Good for you! You keep reading. Those who shy away from books, especially the Bible, learn little, which is a bummer. Blessings to you.

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