Do You Trust Me? Trusting God in the unknown.

If you’ve ever watched the Disney movie Aladdin, you may recall this clip where Aladdin asked princess Jasmine to go on a magic carpet ride.  She’s never left her palace walls and is intrigued yet hesitant of this new experience.   Will she choose to trust Aladdin, a guy she’s just met, and embark on a new adventure, or will she let her fear become bigger, and never experience what is beyond all that she has ever known?  As she recalls him using these words “do you trust me” before in an earlier scene of the movie, she is wondering if joining him might reveal more of who he really is.   She takes his hand, and is quickly whisked away into an endless night sky,  looking above at all the vastness of the sky, and below to how small the world seems to be from this view.  Her eyes are opened to a new level of understanding that she would have never know if she didn’t chose to take a risk and trust in another.

God comes to each of us every day and asks the same question “(your name), Do you trust me?”  Do you trust my skills and abilities to not let you fall?  Do you trust me to guide you ever safely on this adventure?  Do you trust me that I will get you where you need to be safely and securely, and right on time?  Do you trust me?  Let’s get a bit more specific now;  Do you trust me when your spouse dies?  Do you trust me when you’re out of work?  Do you trust me to meet every need that you have?  Do you trust me to never leave you or forsake you?  Do you trust me when I give you my promises layered all throughout the Bible?  Do you trust me when I ask you to step out of your comfort zone for my glory, even if you have no clue of the outcome?  (Think about Noah building the ark and all the resistance he faced?)  Do you trust me when you seemingly lose everything? (Think of Job.)  Remember, things ended up working out for them.   Do you trust that I am a big God, the only God, and the God that created the universe and that created every fiber of your being, who knows everything about you better than you know yourself?  Do you trust me that I have everything under control?  That I can see tomorrow and infinity? Do you trust me……?  You fill in the blank.

Every day we are asked to trust God with whatever that day may bring. Unanswered prayers, heartbreaks, misunderstandings, an uncertain future, the list goes on.  God’s Word, The Bible is full of stories and people who put their trust in God, faced challenges, yet  saw God do amazing things.  Let us stand firm and not give up hope for our hope is in God alone.  We can trust Him.  He is good. Even when we don’t see what He is up to. This is faith.  This is Trust.  This is how we show God our love, by daily taking His hand and in bold confidence we say Yes Lord, I trust you.  Your will, not mine, be done.  Peace be with you, as you learn to trust God in a deeper way with your unknown.  Climb upon his wings and allow his Spirit to lead you into a whole new world of discovering all that he longs to show you.  He will never let you go, He will never let you fall, so take courage and learn to trust him, he has good plans for you.


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