He Is Well Pleased With Us!

This morning as I started my day, I hear the Lord sing over me. He has said He is well pleased with me!  What a joy it is to be in the  Army of God!  What a joy it is to rest in His goodness.  I think so often the devil beats me down with lies, and I get all messed up.  I start believing them, and I loose my focus, my hope and my identity in Christ.  Has is ever happened to you?  I think it happens to all of us at time.  It kind of goes back to being in the valley and growing in the valleys.  This morning He stopped me and said, “Robin, I know you want so much to please me, I know you feel so ill-prepared, I know you feel like you should be farther along than where you are, but I know your heart, I alone formed it.  I set  you on this path, and I will fulfill my will in your life in my time.  Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey. I know it seems like you have to keep re-learning this, but it’s OK; you are seeking, you are striving, you come to me with an open heart that confesses, repents, and praises me.  I know you are devoted, I know you long to be loyal, I know this and so much more about you b/c I alone formed you in your mother’s womb.  Thank you for sharing with others all that  am doing in  you, it is a testimony of your faith.  I know you often feel insecure and insignificant, but that is not who you are to me.  I am well pleased with you. You are mine and I love you. Press on and let me guide you.  Be set free by the truth that is in you.  I live in you and I move through you, that is all you need to know for now.  I am with you always.  Love Jesus.  I hope that blesses you  and I hope you hear Him tell you how well pleased he is with you too today.

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