The Word of the Day is: Obey

One of my favorite themes in the Bible is obedience. Seeing how we are all a wreck without the Grace of God, listening to the many voices of the prophets like Jeremiah shouting from the depths of their souls of warnings of what would happen when we chose to not obey the Lord, and then of course we have the awesome and perfect life of Jesus who holds us to the highest standard and shows us the ultimate life of obedience that was displayed throughout his life and death on a cross! That’s some powerful obedience right there! But as I read my daily reading in Genesis I was reminded of how we as mere humans can also hold to that same power of obedience. Moses was a man after God. In Gen. 6:8-10 we are told that God was pleased with Moses and Moses obeyed God. Then in chapter 12 we see Abram obeying God and “going” to a land that God would show him vv. 1-5. Later in chapter 15 we see God reassuring Abram in v. 10 Abram continues to obey the instructions that God has said and God continues to instruct Abram in chapter 17 : ..If you always obey me and always do right” (CEV); Abram, bowed with his face to the ground v. 17; vv.25-27 “on that same day, Abram obeyed God by circumcising himself”. Here we see 2 men of God, seeking God, and living to obey him and ALL that he commands. Earlier we can see this with Noah as well, as God tells him to build a boat in the middle of a desert and a drought. The point here is that God often leads us to step out of our familiar surroundings into things that don’t always make sense. I know this has been true in my own life as I have obeyed God in many things such as my call to seminary, changing churches, and walking by sheer faith and trust. As we can see and as I can testify in my own life; when we are walking in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, God will continue to guide us, and reassure us. He’s done this is scripture here, and he’s done it time and time again in my life. It’s a great way to start the New Year by reminding myself that yes; indeed it all must start by seeking God and obeying what he tells me to do. Yes, there are gonna be nay Sayers, and those who think we’re crazy, just as people laughed at Noah building a boat in the desert, but as we see, he was the one who had the last laugh. So today, I pray that I will always be tuned into the voice of God and obey all the things that he tells me to do or not to do. What are some of the things God has asked you to do for him? What was it like to walk out in that obedience and trust? How did your faith grow and how did you get closer in your relationship to God from your acts of obedience? What are you excited to see God do with you in this New Year? I hope you’ll take some time to share; it’s all part of the adventure; because we’re always better together. God Bless.


2 thoughts on “The Word of the Day is: Obey

  1. Hello! I got to your site from You mentioned in a post on there that you were from the Greater Cleveland Ohio area. I am from North Ridgeville! Are you still interested in finding a Christian Writer’s Group? Are you a published author or interested in writing? I couldn’t find much on your page that specifically tells about you. Perhaps I missed it. Are you still living in Cleveland?

    I blog on wordpress as well. My blog is entitled, “Sistersitting.” My sister has Stage IV cervical cancer and I blog about our journey through this, together. It can be found at:

    Would love to hear from you!

    A Sister in Christ,


  2. I think obedience is often looked down upon in a way … like “do I have to?” But when obedience comes to God it is to be out of love. We obey because we love Him. When we have the deep love – it obedience becauses desire. It is an incredible gift of God – He says obey – then gives us the desire as we seek Him. God is so good.


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