Gotta Testify of God’s Continued Affirmation Over My Life.

This week, after a year of wavering, I took another step of faith and became a member of the church God has leaded me to.  I wanted to share a story of encouragement that is actually in 2 parts, because I couldn’t remember a song when I first shared this with some people.  So I hope you are encouraged in your walk and your faith is strengthened as I share this.

Part 1:

I wanted to share how Awesome God has been in my life today.  As you know, I shared how I was going to stand in front of church with the new membership class today to be officially welcomed in as members. It was kind of a big deal for me after all God has done to get me to this point.   One of my consistent signs from God as I have journeyed to Wooster Church  of the Nazarene, Seminary and now NTS, this past year have been birds flying in the sky with their wings spread open.  ( I think they are hawks, but I am not sure), anyway, there have been times of crying out to God in the valley’s, as well as shouts of praise on the mountain top, and every time I cry out in a deep need, doubt, or praise, He shows me the birds soaring with their wings spread, which is always a reminder to me that He is near and He will raise me up on wings like Eagles, which also renews my faith and strength when I see them (Isaiah 40:31).  Well, today, on my drive in to church, I had asked God once more out of my sheer nervousness of taking this next step of faith, and “sealing the deal” if  you will, by becoming a member of the church.  As I got closer to the church, I was anxiously looking to the sky for my sign.  At one point I ran into an accident that made me take a detour, and it was at that moment I stopped asking for my sign, and starting praying for whatever happened on the road, that an entire fire truck  would not even let cars get close; I started counting my blessings and realized I have no reason to worry; and feeling a bit selfish for asking; after all, God has been so faithful, with this and other signs continually along the way, so I had really no need for a sign.   Later, after church on my drive back home, God showed me the bird in the sky, with it’s wings spread wide.  I wasn’t looking for it, but He blessed me with it.  As I continued to drive, other concerns came into my mind.  As I flipped the radio channels and heard the same song that I heard when the first bird flew over my head, I also saw another bird with it’s wings spread out soaring around some other birds that were in the sky.  At that point I lost it, I started laughing, then balling like crazy, because not only did God affirm the direction of my life at that point twice, but He was showing me how much He loves me and I was once again assured that all my faithfulness, sacrifices, and efforts to live for him are known and that He does have such a wonderful plan and purpose for my life.  I thought I’d be daring and ask one more time, and sure enough several miles down the road there was one more bird with wings spread out that flew over my car. At that point I stopped asking and realized how faithful God always is. My faith was strengthened and I am so excited to continue to see what God is going to do with me.  There are so many unknowns, but I have such a peace that God is going to do something awesome with me.  So next time you see a bird soaring in the sky think of me and say a little prayer.   I hope and pray my story blessed you and encouraged you today as you too journey on the path God has set before you 

Part 2

I was thinking that I wanted to share the song I mentioned in my last post, but couldn’t remember it.  Ha, it was on my ipod, I didn’t even know!!  I wanted to share it with you, because God used music A LOT to speak to me, and this is another song that he spoke through.  The link has the words; the song is called “walk on the water”, there is a line about stepping out in faith and walking on water in faith; Well, when I was in my great tension of coming to Wooster Naz. for good, I had read the book “If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat”.  by John Ortberg, and The Holy Spirit had been prompting me for some time in this same way. So now, it’s like it’s all coming full circle, again!!!!  To hear that song on my drive home 2x’s with all the birds soaring, WOW!!  I wish I could tell you all the amazing things God has done with me, it’s AMAZING!  And to lead me not only into the Church of the Nazarene, but to Wooster, where I have had so many God-encounters, and the sheer fact that it is an hours drive, it’s all God ordained, it’s very cool.  I hope you enjoy the song.

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