God Is With Me

I’ve been wanting to blog for some time now on both of my blogs, but this summer has been so crazy for me there just wasn’t anything I knew how to really say.  Things have been going so fast; I started at a new seminary, while at the same time, finishing up at the one I was enrolled in; and now I sit and wait for grades to get posted at one, while in the  middle, and about to begin more course work in the other.   I got to go to a sister campus of my new seminary this past month, and sit with my fellow students for a week-long module, and dive into the book of Jeremiah, and continue to watch God orchestrate it all; opening up my mind to learning and illumination, while making some new friends on the journey.  He opened doors for me this summer, starting with getting a new car, which I needed for my long commutes to school and church.  While at school, God provided a place for me to stay  in the future with a friend of the family living a mile straight down the road from where my classes will be one week a semester, so this way, I can stay close, in someone’s actual home that I know, and not a smelly hotel. (currently, it’s a 2 hour drive that I would have to make).  God continued to show me signs that he is with me, as I would see birds soar through the sky, reminding me that I will soar on wings like eagles; as he continues to grow me and keep me safe, as he allowed care for my daughter while I was away, and just gave me a continued peace that I am in the center of His will for  my life.  Not everything is smooth sailing;  I have a lot of loose ends that I don’t know how to tie, but God see’s this too, and as I surrender it all to him daily, I know that He will continue to light my path as He has thus far. I have seen His mighty hand move consistently as I have taken this step of faith out of the boat and into many unknown waters, and He continues to calm the raging seas around me, that grow my faith and my love for Him more everyday.   I guess it’s all part of the adventure, and God will work it out as He see’s fit, and I’ll just continue to trust, walk in peace and obedience and know that I know that He’s in control.  So maybe this post is a little bit of rambling, but I thought it good to  write something.  I’ve learned so much this first year is seminary and I know God has a plan to do something with me; so I will just press on toward the goal, so that one day he will smile and say “well done”.  Peace and Coffee.  Robin

2 thoughts on “God Is With Me

  1. God urged me to encourage you. Your obedience to the calling on your life is a gift to God, rewarded by his provision and protection. He will always present for you a light of remembrance and hope as you walk this road. Walk the road in full confidence of His presence and power.

  2. Thank You Herb for blessing me with your obedience to what God put on your heart! I am encouraged and excited to see what God is up in my life!! Blessings my friend!

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