Deuteronomy Chapter 1

I have decided today that I have to retire one of my Bibles. It’s actually the first Bible that I received back as an early teen. Needless to say, it is full of markings and many of the pages are falling out. I though it be a good idea to go through and re-read my markings and possibly re-mark those verses in one of my other Bibles. As I was paging through, I came across the book of Deuteronomy, which is one of my favorites, and had a lot of markings, so I thought I’d re-read it this morning, but really try and study and apply it chapter by chapter. So today is Chapter 1 and I thought I’d share my notes here. As you read mine, and maybe read the first chapter for yourself, ask how it applies to your life, and look for circumstances maybe presently or in the past where you have dealt with issues of obedience unto God.

Deuteronomy: 5th book of the Bible. It was written in 1410 B.C. Has 34 chapters. It is the last book of the Pentateuch. Author: Moses. “Deuteronomy” is from the Greek word “Deuteronomion” meaning “second lawgiving”. The book is said to be the longest sermon in the Bible. It restates many of the laws and teachings given in Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. It reminds God’s people of the faithfulness and saving power of God and stresses the importance of people’s gratitude for all the Lord has done. Moses challenges the Israelites to rededicate their lives to Serving the Lord. As you read this book, think about God’s daily care in your life and His desire that you dedicate your life to serving Him.

1:1-8 Moses commands the Israelites to leave Horeb.

1:9-18 Moses appoints leaders for the tribes that are growing too big to handle

1:19-25 Scoping out the land of the Amorites

1:26-46 Israel doubts and so God sends them packing.


Go where God leads you 1:6-7

Receive fully what God gives you 1:6-8

Choose leadership wisely, don’t show partiality, and help and support one another 1:9-18

Do what God commands; don’t fear or be discouraged. 1:19-25

Don’t doubt God when the circumstances look impossible 1:26-28

Remember what God has done 1:30-31. You must let this be enough even when you can’t see all the details-God can see it all, because He went ahead of you in your circumstance 1:32-33

When we doubt God or choose not to remember His goodness, we’re telling him we don’t really trust Him and open the door to escort him out of our problems and not giving him a chance to reveal his power through our lives 1:26-35.

He wants and will bless wholehearted followers 1:36.

Vv.37-46 reminds me how “one bad apple” can ruin the whole bunch. Even with the best leadership in place, like Moses, if the majority that we are trying to lead, be it a church, organization or family will not get on board with what we are trying to accomplish, the door of opportunity closes and the blessings that God wanted to grant will be given to those who will fully believe and not doubt. As verse 41 shows us, we don’t always get 2nd chances to make things right, so we must consistently seek God in prayer and ask for strength wisdom and increased faith, so that when God calls us to task we will be ready and willing to surrender all for the cause of Christ with unwavering confidence that He will bless our obedience, as we look back and remember all that He has brought us through. Father, forgive us for doubting your goodness and faithfulness in each of our lives. Help us to remember all that you have brought us t through and protected us from. Increase our faith and trust in you that we would go where you send us, and have confidence as we walk in your will. Amen.

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