At Your Mercy:Hands of Surrender:Lessons from the Nail Salon

The last two times I have decided to get my nails done, God continues to use it as a teachable moment.  In both instances I went in with a mindset of getting my fake nail tips taken off b/c they seem to get in the way when I type, or when I attempt to take my contacts out;  Nothing worse feeling than jabbing yourself in the eye continually while trying to remove your contacts that are already irritating.  But all I needed done was for them to be cut down, reshaped, and made less thick so that I could use my hands more efficiently.  As I sat there, I literally surrendered my hands over to the nail technician.  Just like my will, my hands at times during the process wanted to naturally bend in one direction usually the opposite way, and the guy had to keep re-adjusting my hand so that he could shape my nails correctly.  It was then that I remembered this lesson from God.  He was saying, relax, give the guy your hand freely so that he can work on your nails  the way he needs to.  Hmmm, sounds a lot like how God continually asks me, and all of us to “hand over’ our lives to him on a daily, moment by moment basis of surrender.  My hands were at the mercy of this guy, and as he rubbed and shaped my nails, there was a few moments of slight discomfort, but it was a necessary part of the process of getting my nails to look the way he knew they would look best.  Here too, is the same analogy with God; he prunes us, shapes us, and forms us into his image, BUT we have to surrender and be at His complete mercy for it to take on the shape and form that He knows it should be; after all he knows best, he created us in the first place and knows how to best shape us if we will let him.   So now as my nails are re-shaped and more functional, I find myself turning to God and asking the same thing.  If you get your nails done, I hope you’ll think on this, and allow it to be a reminder for you to surrender to God.  Creator God, thank  you for using the simple things of our everyday lives to remind us to live our lives for you; to lay down what we think we need and be at your mercy because you know what is best.  We are so grateful for your mercy and loving kindness, and we are so thankful that you never let go. Continue to teach us how to live lives of surrender and trust in you alone.  In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.


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