Longing to be Made Holy

If you haven’t guessed by now, my love language is worship. Now I realized worship is more than just giving praised through our songs, hence the second part of my blog tag line above “learning to worship with my life.” it’s the way we live out our lives. But I also believe that God inhabits the praises of his people. When I sing praises to God, it draws me into him and I am renewed; I am  being made Holy. Now, I understand some people have issues with piety, but like I said in my post the other day, everything in balance. We must learn to live our lives in balance of Holy adoration and reverent fear of God and letting that inward change flow out of us naturally to serve the world and make disciples. Now this is where it can get tricky for some, and for me. Not only do we live in a me centered culture, but we often go on our feelings of the present moment when we need to be going by the spirit of God who may or may not produce feelings of eagerness, but deeper down, we know we need to go and serve in the name of Christ. It goes the other way too; we can get so caught up in doing good works that we neglect our deeper spiritual needs; remember, we are spiritual beings who need to connect with our spiritual sides. So I guess the question to ask yourself is where are you in this all? And where am I? Are you the kind of person that volunteers for all sorts of things, and then wonders why you are running on fumes? Or are you a person who loves to pray, attend church to get spiritually filled up, quote all sorts of scriptures and give all kind of encouraging words, but rarely step out of yourself to help another? Both sides are needed, and they need to be in balance, so we can represent God with our whole selves, not just part. God wants us to display both, in balance. The question, or better yet prayer, should be “God how you want me to be made Holy through my personal time with you? Or “God how do you want me to be made holy through serving and loving others”? Now I realize it looks like I compartmentalized these two, and I’m not trying to; so maybe a better question to ask is “God, how do you want me to be made holy today?” “Do I need to spend more time with you? “I am trusting that you will draw me to yourself and that I will have that time to spend with you”. Likewise, if you need to learn to get out of yourself a little bit more (which I think we all do), ask God to show you who, when and where he wants you to serve and show the love of Christ to. It may be something as simple as starting a conversation with a stranger, (which he had me do today). I didn’t seek to evangelize, that’s not my gift, but I showed the love of Christ to this person by simply showing a genuine interest and concern for what they were saying. I was just being Christ in that moment, seeking to reflect the son by loving a stranger.; That my friends is one very simple way that we become Holy. Remember when you gave your life to Christ? We often call it having a personal relationship with Jesus. How’s that going for you today? I pray he speak to your heart, and wherever you are on the journey. I pray that we all long for more of God in every area of our lives, that we would be so saturated with the things of God that we would love the world from the inside out. Be blessed and encouraged. Robin

One thought on “Longing to be Made Holy

  1. Robin, such words of wisdom here. I believe that we often lean to one side (being a doer) or the other (being a seeker), when what we need is balance. I like the way you said we should be asking God what he would have us do. That goes back to acknowledging God in all our ways so that He might direct our paths. I appreciate you stopping by my blog today. Hope you come again.


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