Fasting: One of the Core Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual fasting has been widely recognized since the days of the Old Testament, and most importantly it was a discipline that Jesus knew well and practiced regularly, and one he told his disciples to continue on with after his death (Mark 2:19).  Today there are a ton of articles, books and websites dedicated to fasting. There are many types of fasts as well as opinions on the subject.  My advice to you, in this very short post is to take some time to research and learn more about fasting; pray for the type of fast God would have you do, and then share your fasting journey with us so that we can pray for you and encourage you along the way.  There is no perfect way of fasting, and I for one have my ups and downs with it.  Remember, God is looking at your heart.  He knows your situation, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you find yourself lapsing, just go back to God for strength, and let His Holy Spirit be your guide.   Blessings, Robin

Here are some helpful links on fasting to get you started:

2 thoughts on “Fasting: One of the Core Spiritual Disciplines

  1. Last year the Lord spoke to us about fasting. We had not done any type of fasting in years, and I mean years. I researched and prayed and we decided the Jentezen Franklin book that you mentioned.

    We did a 21 Daniel fast the first part of the year, and many things changed in our life. We are planning another fast the middle of the year, and now wonder how we did without fasting for all those years. Now it seems we can’t live without it.

    I love the new look, and blessings!

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