Prayer Mode: Are you in it?

I recently wrote this for my church’s prayer team newsletter and thought it would be good to share on my blog, since I’ve seen to be absent for some time now.  Blogging takes a certain discipline at times and I must admit, it hasn’t been on the top of my list this new year, but I am trying to find a way back into it.  So here we go with another attempt.  May you be blessed and encouraged.  

I just got done reading a fantastic book on over-coming your fears and reaching your God given potential called “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day” by Pastor  Mark Batterson.  It was one of those divinely chosen books that God led me to; you know the kind that you can’t put down and you find yourself highlighting something on every page?  I guess you can say it did quite the spiritual work in me.   In the seventh chapter he says “that if we want to make the most out of every opportunity, we have to devote ourselves to prayer, being watchful.  People who live in prayer mode are watchman.  They see further than others see.  They see things before others see them.  And they see things that other people don’t see.  People who live in prayer mode see opportunities that other people don’t even notice.”   I can testify to this myself, and saw it again with another prayer warrior this past week as they shared what God was showing them.  He goes on to say “that there are only two ways to live your life: survival mode or prayer mode.  Survival mode is simply reacting to the circumstances around you.  It is a pinball existence; predictable, monotonous and boring.  Prayer mode is the exact opposite.  Your spiritual antenna is up and your radar is on. Prayer puts you in a proactive posture to catch the opportunities God throws our ways. Living in prayer mode is the difference between seeing coincidences and providences.” Prayer has a way of helping us recognize that what we might dismiss as human accidents are really divine appointments.”  So let me ask you; are you pursuing a lifestyle of being in prayer mode?  Do you find that your “antenna” is always up and that you are hearing and seeing God move in and through your prayers?  Are you seizing those opportunities that God puts in front of you by tuning into the voice of the Holy Spirit?  Many of the greatest breakthroughs in our lives happen when we are in prayer mode.  Prayer is an opportunity incubator that is birthed out of not just good ideas, but of God ideas.  At the end of our lives we won’t regret the mistakes we’ve made but the opportunities that we missed, being haunted with the questions of “what if?”  Lord I pray that we are all seeking a lifestyle of prayer; and that we would do whatever it takes to not only protect that but to allow you to ignite more of it in each our lives.  May we be eager to see you move in our lives and through all of our circumstances.   Yes Lord, we grow in the valleys, and are strengthened on the mountain tops.  Through it all, may we be constantly asking what you want to teach us and see it all as  opportunities for you to strengthen us and grow us.  As we seek to become more like you through our prayer lives, may we continually love you more, love people more and live surrendered to your perfect will for each of our lives.  May your consuming fire grab a hold of each of us and do a new and deeper work in us that will leave us radically changed.   May we experience and long for more of you as we walk in obedience and becoming shining beacons of light for you that would reflect your glory and love.  We pray this in Jesus Holy Name, Amen!

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