God Making All Things New

I haven’t been on my blog for awhile, and after seeing a few new comments trickling in on some of my posts I knew I wanted to get back into it, but I just didn’t have anything that I felt led to share; until today.  Today was a really good day at church, but I didn’t realize it’s gravity until I was sitting at home hours later and looking back on how God orchestrated everything.  I’ve been trying to let go of allot of old hurts that haven’t seemed as though they would never heal.  I have prayed, I have surrendered, and made some pretty big deals with God if he’d just move me along to another place where it doesn’t seem like re-opening up wounds every week.  I really didn’t know how God was going to fix this; after all, some of them have been ongoing for a long time, and I was completely convinced that it was just this sick cycle that I had to get myself off of.  Well, today God brought me face to face with each of these people, and the funny thing is that I had a sense that these brief but critical interactions would take place just moments before they did; I now know that it was God saying “here’s you opportunity for healing, do you want’ to get healed today?”  To one person I apologized for an un-Christ-like attitude that I had when speaking to them earlier this week, after I ran into their spouse in the hallway and saw them in the next room.  The other I heard coming down the hall, and knew things had to be set right, and so I anxiously waited to see if they would turn the corner, which they did.  The next person was a bit unexpected and I must admit, I was not sure if I should approach them, but in this, God too, used someone else to say “go”.  Lastly, I have had some communication issues with another person, and even though things seemed to be getting ironed out, I was still lacking peace.  This person too, God put in my direct path, and I knew if anything needed to be said, it would have come out right then and there, but it didn’t.  The other part of this is each of these people, except the one who I had the attitude with, probably don’t even know that I had these deep rooted issues, but God did.  God knew that I had to say something to each of these people to get my peace back that the devil had taken.  There was no rehashing of my hurts, I knew that was left at the cross, but I knew I couldn’t run from my fears of facing these people again.   I’m not going to share what was said.  Some might seem small or insignificant, or you could say “well, that doesn’t apply” but God knows my heart, and I know that what He did today was way more than coincidence; as one person after another was placed in my path.  I also knew that God will not let me go where He wants me to go until I had made peace with all of this, even if it’s just between me and Him, really that’s all that matters in the end.  He knows my motives and what it would take to restore and make all things new.  I hope this blessed you somehow, and I hope that when you find yourself dealing with difficult circumstances that won’t seem to heal or get better, just remember if you take it to God, even it’s 100 times over, He will heal and restore, and he wants to.  I can sit here and say “well why did I have to put myself through all that?” and why does it sometimes seem to be a never-ending problem that we are dealing with?  All I know is that God uses it all to build Character and endurance in us; and perhaps I need a bit more of that than most…. God only knows.  All I know is that God set me free today from hurts and bitterness that I was holding onto, and I hope that the lessons that I have learned today will be remembered and help me the next time God  has me face my fears.

2 thoughts on “God Making All Things New

  1. Thanks Robyn, I loved the honesty and transparency in that post and I feel I can defnitely relate. I too have had a lot of old hurts being opened up during the past year or so and felt devoid of peace. I asked God to restore relationships and he seems to do it by bringing the person I’ve been in conflict with constantly across my path. I guess if we pray for peace he gives us the opportunity to be peacemakers. I definitely recommend the book The Peacemaker by Ken Sande on this topic.

  2. Robin I am glad for you. God does bring forth to us the people with which we need to restore relationships. Just this wkend I posted hilites from Warren’s Day 20: Restoring Broken Fellowship on my blog–take a look.
    You do have Gods blessing on your life,

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