Encouraging Holy Living

Today, I had to answer a class forum question on Holiness.  The question asked how your life should reflect holy living in front of a watching world.  This has been a never-ending theme in my journey, and one I am sure will keep re-occurring being at a Wesleyan Seminary; go figure!  One thing that God keeps dropping in my ear is that I can’t change myself or anyone else for that matter; it’s the job of the Holy Spirit.  That takes a load off.  I just want to encourage you, wherever you are to strive for holiness.  Maybe it’s just my theology coming out here, but I guess it can’t hurt. I wanted to share my forum response with you so that maybe it will encourage you where ever you are.  Please also  keep me in your prayers,  I am just in a really hard waiting season with God, yet trying to be content where I am and see the blessings in the present. 

I have read much  on the topic of holiness and find myself attracted to books and resources on the topic.  I have continually learned that I must lead a life of Holy living by example.  By how I act, what I do or choose not to do.  I get really frustrated at the apathy and lukewarmness in our christian culture today, and am constantly seeking God’s wisdom on how I can use my gifts to be a part of the solution and not add to the ever growing problem.  I am trying to find people to network with and hold me accountable, so that I can live a life of purpose and respect.  Bottom line, is leading by example.   Get the filth out of your life, read and discipline yourselves in spiritual disciplines, and be on  fire for Christ in every area of you life. Shine. It’s what we’re made for. I found an interesting site that I wanted to share. Perhaps it will be a help to you, or someone you know. There are also a few books this guy wrote that really look interesting. Much of the site deals allot with the issues of sexual immorality and pornography, but the link below has to do with Holy living and some testimonies of the books that he has written on the topic.  Blessings, Robin

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