This Is My Body, Broken. This Is My Blood, Poured Out For You

God did some really profound stuff with  me today.  Our church has communion once a month and I guess I lost track of time and forgot this is the first Sunday of the month, which we do communion.  It may not seem a big deal to you that I forgot this, but God has been dealing with me and the act of communion on a deeper level for about a week or so now.  I can’t get it off my mind.  Just understanding it somehow differently.  It’s like He peeled back a new level of understanding.  Growing up Catholic, Communion was always taken in the most literal sense, which was always a problem for me, and now as a protestant I’ve always understood it to be symbolic, which Biblically, it is.  But it was also very real then and is today.  His body broken, He blood poured out… Our bodies broken, our lives (because blood = life) is poured out into the world.  He poured out His life on us, we pour out our lives on to the world.  I can go in different ways with all this trying to make you see, but I just have to trust the Spirit will work in you somehow.  We are broken people, who come into the restoring grace and salvation of God, to be broken once again, then restored, and the cycle continues.  But we take our broken/restored relationship with Christ and pour it out onto the world as a perfect sacrifice, as a Holy offering, and fragrance unto God.  Another profound thought that just hit was how in The Old Testament God always talked about  blood as a pleasing aroma or sweet smelling offering.  I had the hardest time until just a second ago that it clicked.  The blood is not just the sacrifice of an animal, not just the blood of Christ’s sacrifice but our sacrifice unto the world poured out for God.  Christ lives in us, through us, and our pouring out of our lives unto others is the sweet smelling sacrifice God desires.  Thank You Jesus for this deeper understanding today.  May it help someone to see who you are, what you desire, what you did and what you do through us. Amen.

3 thoughts on “This Is My Body, Broken. This Is My Blood, Poured Out For You

  1. A beautiful and encouraging word, thank you for bringing it,for acting in faith as a conduit to the world and as a testament to His great Love!

  2. Thanks Robin, as I grow in Christ, communion is beginning to have so much more significance to me. I am in a recovery group and we were talking about communion last night. It reminded me just how powerful our identification with Christ is and how that identification through communion can have such an impact. One person in our group had a previous problem with inappropriate content/usage of the internet. So he tapped his communion juice cup above his monitor and it was a constant reminder of his identification with Christ. I know it is just a cup, but it helped him battle the urges from the powers and principalities that seek to destroy us.

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