Already Almost The End of Week 3

Wow, as much as I have wanted to blog here, there is No Time.  Really, Seminary has an insane amount of reading.  Yes, I was warned of this truth, but had no idea.  Too, my classes are online, so I am constantly checking forum posts, participating in discussions, reading and responding to group and general class stuff.  Then of course there is the outside reading of required text and writing of the beloved paper, which I do enjoy; hey, I like to write, go figure 🙂   So of course seminary started the week that I planned my vacation.  I knew it b/c it circled around my daughter’s birthday and us going to Disney.  I made sure I packed my books, laptop, and of course Bible.  The first week went well, full of all your basic introduction posts, and then the required reading and writing quickly followed.  I have learned, (as once again pointed out as a potential risk), not to neglect my spiritual Health.  God called me into this and He’s the only one who is going to help get to the end of it someday.  I am taking 2 Classes this semester, which are foundation courses, and it was suggested we take no more than 6 hours online our first semester in seminary; very good advice, and I applaud the person who figure that out and shared it with the rest of us  My first class is “Kingdom, Church, and World” and centers around the theme of “The Kingdom of God”.  Very interesting stuff, and frustrating too; in learning how  many of our efforts a christians and churches  make such attempts, but fall so very short to what God’s standards just may be; like any of us really now, right?  We’re all winging it.  But I was reminded today in an email comment that until you walk in my shoes, you really have no clue, only Jesus does.  I honestly feel that many of the hardships that I have and continually face are part of God’s plan to grow me and change my heart to become more like his.  Until you’ve been there, how can you possibly help me?  What do you know of my pain, my struggles, my needs?  I love that song by Mark Schultz “I have been there”; that’s what I’m talking about.   But I digress;  The second class is all about understanding our call, vocation, gifted ness; and how that all works together to form who we are and learning that it’s a life long process,  yet God wants us to discover what we would do for Him with the ways in which He has designed us individually.  That is the short version.  I realize I have been typing a bit here, and need to stop because I could really go on about this stuff.  I trust from this point forward that the Holy Spirit will guide me in my blogging and as to how often.  So I hope I will be able to share here perhaps every few weeks or so, not sure  yet.  It will probably have a lot of inconsistency to it b/c it comes secondary to everything else, but I do want to try my best to share some of the highlights of my journey here, I just don’t know what time will allow for.  So until next time, may God bless you and grow you to have a heart like His.

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