The Christian Formation Process

I’ve been getting in the habit of logging into the Asbury student portal everyday so I can see if I have email messages I need to be aware of, or any class changes, updates, or general school info.  Today in  my inbox I was informed that all new students will be going through a Christian Formation Process during there first semester as Asbury.   Below is some info about it.   There are six core values listed, and as I go through some of them this week, I will try and share some of what I took away from them.  Below are the first two of six.

Asbury Theological Seminary is a community called to prepare theologically educated, sanctified, Spirit-filled men and women to evangelize and to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world through the love of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God the Father. In conjunction with this mission, “The first commitment Asbury makes to the student is to provide a spiritual education. Persons are essentially spiritual beings and the primary thrust of Christian ministry is spiritual. Therefore, the process of spiritual formation constitutes an intentional part of the Seminary’s program.” The CFP is an intentional program designed to fulfill this commitment. 


Core Value #1: Personal and Social Holiness: 

Definition: Individual purity based within adoration of the father and social engagement based on the servanthood of the son and engendered by the Holy Spirit

  • importance of building relationships with non-Christians                       
  • The  importantce of building relationships with others in semnary; that being others students, teachers, leaders or pastors.  
  • When  there is talk of social holiness; it is meaning what we say and say what we mean.  Learning how to talk and communicate that ministers grace and help.

Core Value #2: Crucial Moments and Continual Process:

  Definition: Specific and unique momentary submissions of the believer to God and processes mapped against human spiritual, psychological, social, and cultural development.

  • Are you open to risk? Living out your faith in tangible and practical ways
  • Realizing where  you are on the journey and all the experiences that have shaped you and will continue to shape you. 
  • Looking at the process, the searching, questioning, and defining the moments where  you changed and never were the same.
  • Saying yes to God either for the first time, or during a call, or another defining moment in your life.  What was a  critical point of sanctification?
  • The path of Christian formation is both a continual process and made up of clearly defining moments
  • There are both growth and crisis moments.  Moments people have affirmed or challenged our beliefs and thinking
  • It is almost unfair to ask one to pick out a few key moments to define your Christian journey, but one seek to find new depths in Jesus; always seeking out higher ground.

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