Getting My Prioriites Straight-Serving My daugther first

I have to leave for work in a sec. but I really felt like this is a huge lesson that I had to re-learn today.  I’ve been in a funk lately about where I am, but it all gets boiled down to one thing; and that is getting my priorities straight.  I have a huge heart for serving, and I do try to serve at church and serve others, but, I must learn to serve my daughter first.  Below are some of my recent thoughts I had after I spoke with a friend today.  When I got off the phone, I had found my daughter had smeared my make up all over  my carpet-not good!  Lesson: serve your daughter first.   Here is what I wrote; what are some of your thoughts and experiences of getting your priorities straight?

I was talking to a friend today, who made a few good points.  I think for me, I have such a big heart, and I reallly need to take my stuff to God more and find peace with who I am as a person and a mom.  I think I want to be used by God so bad that I just start serving here, or serving there.  I think so  many times that “hey, I’m a mature Christian, and I should be serving”, but perhaps I forget that Olivia comes first, and I need to be serving her before the church or a lifegroup, or a ministry.  I think I look around at others too much and judge, or want what they have.  I guess I need to keep re-focusing on me.  My friend said to me, that she use to be really drawn to me b/c I was always trusting God, and I was secure in that, and now it seems like the Devil got ahold of  me and started  messing with me again.  God does not want us in anxiety constantly, and I think I feel guilty allot at church, feeling like there are so  many needs to be filled over here, or over there, and there is never enough help.  I don’t know why I felt that I had to carry all that weight of worry, guilt and anxiety on me.  There are plenty of people who can serve and perhaps they choose not to for whatever reason.   Right now, in my life, in this season, Olivia has to come first, before serving, before doing any type of ministry.  It’s not about me, my confort, but it’s 110% about her, and her needs.  I think I need to stop feeling bad for the church b/c there are always needs to be met.  I thnk that I have to focus on my daughter, and her needs.  My#1 role is a mom, and I need to see that as my  ministry to my daughter, being a good steward of my responcibliities as a mom, and not worry about serving the church so much.  I have to find my peace and balance, I have to get my priorities in order, and I need to let go of my big heart to serve others so much and serve who God has placed right in front of me, which is my daughter.  I think doing this will lead people to respecct me more, and see me as a person who is trying to get their life in order. I know too all this emailing  has to stop , it’s good to share, but I need to stop typing and start living out my life.


5 thoughts on “Getting My Prioriites Straight-Serving My daugther first

  1. Robin – wonderful! I think you are right on with you priorities. It is wonderful when we gain clarity and understanding in our circumstances.


  2. I am going through the same thing! I am actually going to blog a bit about this struggle too… I would like to “ping” (I guess it is called??) this when I get to writing it. I have some other priorities Priorities are difficult to sort out. So glad to see you are working on yours. I’ll pray for you… plz pray for me too. When two are together… And I am together with you on this!

    Also a great lesson I learned @ college >> GUILT is from the enemy -Not God! so when you feel “guilted” into serving… is it really your burden?


    Single MOMA

  3. This is very heart whelming.. I am not a mother but I am a son of a senior pastor. And yes its true, most of the time, we need to be good stewards of the family God gave us. In reality, we can’t serve fully if our family is not in good terms 🙂

  4. I would totally agree with you on serving the kids first. A year or more after my husband passed away, I really felt the desire to serve. Our church and Christian school all supported and served our family in so many ways during my husband’s illness and passing and I wanted to do so in return.

    I kept asking God what I could do to serve others and I would feel bad if I couldn’t help with this need or that need. And God revealed to me that this season of my life is to serve my kids…that they are my ministry. That is what I am striving to do.

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