Ten Commandments: Commandment #1 : What Are Your Idols?

imagesAs I went to God in prayer this morning He brought a few things to mind.  First, I was reminded of how much I need Him and how I want Him to be the center of everything, but like all of us fleshly, sinful human beings, we end up not giving Him as much as we know we ought to.  The first commandment came to mind and so I thought it would be a good exercise to take each one daily, and think about how it applies to our lives and help point us more in God’s direction.  So Commandment #1: I am The Lord your God, you shall not have any other God’s befor me.  So let me just ask all of us, what are some of the idols that we place befor God in our lives?  Is it our jobs, our family, our friends and hobbies?  Is is our time in front of the TV, on the phone, or online, updating our facebook and taking all those ridiculous quizes.   I know for me, I spend allot of time online; reading blogs, blog surfing, checking out social networking sites, googling stuff, going over to Wikipedia, reading my ebooks, rss feeds, checking my email… Yes, being online and blogging is somewhat of a hobby; hey it’s social networking right???  We all know that all of these things take us away from God.  I have family even, who I think would be going through withdrawal if someone took away their DVR.  You know I’m speaking truth here, can I get an Amen?  I’m just as bad people, so what’s a Christian in a web 2.0 world to do?  Well, like I said, this morning God reminded me of who He is and that I really need to constantly refocus back to Him.  I think we all do.  I think if we all logged what we did every hour of the day, I think we’d realize how  much we don’t put God first; and yes, I’m preaching to myself here.  I know it, and that is why I felt led to blog about it.  May we all take spiritual inventory and get back to making God first in our lives once again.  So this week as I blog and take my own spiritual inventory of my time, I hope to share something that God is teaching me to better understand.  Please feel free to share some of your strengths and weaknesses too as I attempt to go through the different commandments each day; what are some of the idols that God is pointing out to you?

4 thoughts on “Ten Commandments: Commandment #1 : What Are Your Idols?

  1. Robin, this is so TIMELY. In the past day or so, I’ve come across numerous bloggers with the same message (including myself).

    I know we live in a high tech world, but God is telling us to just get back to the basics… longing only for Him and being saturated in His presence.

  2. I had the same experience (different catalysts) about 2.5 months ago.

    I have found for me that idolatry is when I find my thoughts gravitating to “if only I had…” or “if we could only…”

    It’s the “if only’s” that, when followed by anything that is not God-centered, lead us down the wrong path. These are the beginnings of strongholds that exalt non-God things (for lack of a better phrase).

    In short, attributing eternal significance or importance to temporal things has been a helpful way for me to look at what is really driving me (idol-searching or God-searching motives?) Where am I living from? What is my “default” position? Grace/peace or stress/frustration?

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