Single Mom Seminarian

OK, it’s late, wayyyyyy past my bedtime, and you know we all have to be at church in the morning (oops, it is morning); but I had to tell ya about the blog.  Yep, I did it again, I have re-created myself once again on the blogsphere; oh the many lives of me 🙂  But seriously,  as you all know, I am starting seminary this fall, and wanted to create a place where I can journal the experience, and perhaps attempt to connect with some other single moms who may be in seminary, or may jsut be single moms,  Anyhow, I will be keeping this blog too; not sure how it’s all gonna work, but we’ll figure it out as we go kids! So I hope you’ll keep tabs on me, where ever that may be, and I’ll do my best to pop in over at your blogs from time to time as well.  God bless and see  ya round the blogshere 🙂 

P.S. opps, blog address wold help, aye? Yep, that’s me

3 thoughts on “Single Mom Seminarian

  1. Hey Robin, I found your blog site on a christian search. I really like your open and honest 2009 postings about how life is treating you. My husband went to Seminary back in the late 90s. I would love to be blogger pen pals with ya. Good luck and God speed to ya. My blog is at


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