Just another day in paradise (small “p”)

As you can see, I haven’t really been up to snuff on my blogging lately, and I must admit, I am not too in the mood at the point, having a bad day busting up my phone, but Oh yes, it’s in the valley’s that we grow.  So why is it today I feel so far away from God?  I must admit, I really hate when I hit these little  ruts, and I know that we all do, it just sucks when they seem to come out of nowhere; which I know they don’t, but it sure can feel that way when it hits you in the face.  I want on be on fire, alive, and kickin’ for Jesus,living in the power, and yet, as close as He is, I know He has drawn back a bit, but I know I have too.  Relationships on any level can be hard, especially with God at times.  I’d just rather take the  easy road and  hide away in my house than to deal with people some days, but then God nudges me and says stuff like “don’ waste your life”; so I go and try and muster all my strength to do something productive by taking my daughter out to the park, but then to come home and have to deal with family that really gets under my skin at times, but I am sure that I get under theirs too.  When Olivia’s dad was alive, he’d be famous for saying “another day in  paradise, small “p” .  I knew what he ment, this life is full of hardships even on our best days.  The beauty for him now is that He is living the Big P life in heaven; lucky guy! But I know He had a really hard life, and God takes us when  He choses.  I know it’s just a day, and it will soon pass, and tomorrow I will get another chance to experience the grace of God, I hope.  We all have bad days and I guess today’s mine, but while I sit here and type God is nudging me and reminding me that life’s not perfect, and we all fall short of eachother’s ideals, but try and remember that even though you can’t see it Robin, I still have a purpose for your life.  Praise me in the storms, Praise me when you don’t understand, Praise me when you can’t see 2 inches in front of you, with every breath Praise The Lord!”  So I think what I need right now is a some worship music to help me connect once again  with God; it always seems to do the trick, I guess I just needed a little nudge from Heaven; thanks God, and John too.

One thought on “Just another day in paradise (small “p”)

  1. Hey Robin,

    Thanks for the comment on my site. Glad you like what you hear. My wife and I are in it only for His glory. And FYI, if you haven’t bought the album yet, you can get it conveniently from the seminary bookstore.

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