The body pulled in too many directions

As I continually surrender my junk over to God, I can’t help but grieve deeply for the church.  Many know this is a huge passion of mine, and a very real reason why I am feeling called to go to seminary.  I found myself once again laying this whole issue down again at the feet of Jesus, full of tears once again.  You might wonder why I burn so passionately, but this can only be explained through my heart and what God continually teaches me.  I was visiting over at Church Whisperer, who had a great post today on church unity.  The core message was aligning pretty much with what I had just got done praying about only a few moments earlier.  I think sadly, the reason we don’t see more unity and change in our churches today is that we are all pulled in way too many directions.   Think about the physical body, and what it feels like when we over extend ourselves physically.  We get sore muscles that can barely move and need time to rest and recover.  So too, with the spiritual body; people can barely volunteer for this ministry or that ministry because they are way over scheduled and stretched too thin.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.  What blows my mind even more is that as a single mom, is how so many couples with two extra hands to help can run around on fumes.  Now, I am not sitting here and judging family A or family B, because don’t know where you are and what your dealing with; but I do know that if we just sat down and really took a hard look at our lives, I think we would be surprised at all the junk we let in. Taking time to list our priorities and how they line up with what we value most in life,(which first and foremost, should be God).   How much free-er and better off in every way, especially spiritually and relationally, if we’d surrender some of our biggest time wasters over to God.  Perhaps then we’d truly have a more balance life, our prayer life would abound b/c we’d truly live surrendered in the moment by moment stuff of life.   And just think about how much more we could get fed by the Word of God, if we’d really let God in and fall in Love with it, but more importantly, fall in love with Him and get to really know Him; for this is truly why we have His Word; Seeing it as a necessity and the spiritual air and water that it is intended to be, instead of just checking off our devotion time for the day.  If The Word is the love letter from God that we claim it to be, then we should be intimately drawn to it, and radically changed by it, desiring with all of us to come and know the lover of our soul.  Deep, perhaps, but the very real truth and power of The Bible!!  Think about it in the light of a human relationship.  When we fall in love with someone, we want the world to know, we want to run out and shout if from the roof tops.  Why then don’t we have this passion for our God and each other???  How is the world ever going to come to truly know that love of Christ if we truly don’t love His whole-heatedly as  we do ourselves and those closest to us.  That would really be some radical transformation!  I think too, we’d start to care for each other more b/c we’d be more receptive to others needs and see them in a more compassionate light. The Bible calls us to live pure, holy, and quiet lives, but sadly in our churches today, it is anything but this. I’ve heard time and time again that transformation and revivalation starts on an individual level, and through surrender.  As someone who has learned this, I plea with you dear reader to physically sit down, get quiet with God, and start letting go of the areas of your life that God has been dealing with you.  If you want change like I do, then it starts with you, and your own relationship and surrender with God.  You know I’m all about surrender here on this blog, b/c I have see it work first hand in my life. Surrender is a way of life, a way of walking with God and growing in His Christlikeness.  So my prayer today is that God would convict your heart of some of the things I have said here, and make known to you the areas that you need to turn over to Him.  May you listen to His voice and obey what He is asking of you to let go of.   Stop putting God in a box to fit into your life, but let God conform you to His image so that we would all truly be the body of Christ on this earth.   Oh, the dreams I have for the body of Christ!  Perhaps one day God will let my dreams come true, but for now, I will just keep surrendering them over to Jesus at the foot of the cross.

3 thoughts on “The body pulled in too many directions

  1. Keep dreaming and believing that the body of Christ will make a difference in this world. Pray for revival in our land! I’m a single mom, too. Keep walking in faith with Him, one step at a time! Blessings!

  2. Robin,

    You should get your hands on a book called “If God were real” by John Avant. It comes out next month. I think it’s available for pre-order on Amazon.

    You’d learn a lot from it!

  3. Great post sis love your passion for God, keep on surrendering them to Jesus Christ our Lord and Personal Savior

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