When God Lets Us Choose

I’ve been sitting here most of the morning reading seminary catalogs, searching online for reviews, and trying to find some peace as I approach making a very critical decision that will shape my life.  Choosing a seminary to attend is no small matter, and for me, I feel that it is going to be an experience that will shape my life and my ministry.  It’s easy to pray and listen to others that say “don’t worry, God will lead it”.  True, He does, but sometimes He also lets us choose.  As I googled “how to choose a seminary” today, I found an article at Going To Seminary  that addresses this exact issue.  After the reader and a friend were faced with a choice and sought prayer, counsel, and weighed the pros and cons, they realized that both choice A and B where both good choices and they would get them to the same end result, so just as a parent might hold out his or her hand to their child and say “pick the apple or banana, which ever one you would prefer, and would give you the most pleasure”.  It’s a simple example, but profound in that God does the same things with us at different times.  I guess this is where I am too with my seminary decision.  I know both these schools that I am considering are really good, are accredited, and have good online programs and flexibility built into them.  Sure I worry about some of the technicalities and financing, but this too, is a part of where faith will come in.  I guess I feel that God is telling me, “Robin choose what you think will bring you the greatest pleasure in your studies and experience as a seminarian and as you choose and obey I will work out all the other details that you can’t see right now.”  As I write, I am filled with God’s peace that it is very likely that He is going to let me choose this on my own, and that everything else will fall into place according to this plan and purpose for my life.  I know it’s no mistake that I happened upon this article today, since I have done similar google searches before on this.  Thank you Jesus for giving me peace of mind on this.  May you always be gloried in everything I do, because as you know, I handed my life and my will over to you.  Thanks for letting me still make some choices on my own in confidence and peace that you are still in control of it all.  Amen!

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