Conviction is Good

I was debating whether I was going to post a blog this week b/c I’ve been trying to focus my attention on my math final, but as God continues to grow and stretch me, I figured that I might as well.  I really got my butt convicted in a pretty powerful way after I walked out of church on Sunday.  All this time, as I have been growing and sharing, it occurred to me how often I try and get people to grab a hold of what God is teaching me as if it is the only thing that matters.  Somewhere along the way I think I lost the virtue of wisdom, or at least I tossed it aside for my own selfish gain.  I had no idea the amount of pride that I’ve been carrying around, it really made me upset to see how much of it there was.  I think sometimes I just loose focus.  I get so busy in whatever it is that I am doing or learning that the bigger vision or lesson that God is trying to show and teach me gets snuffed out somehow when I start filling my head with more information.  In James 1:5 it says “if any ofyou lacks wisdom, he should ask God who gives generously to al without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”  I think I  need to remember to ask God for wisdom.  I know when I pray I really need to start getting more specific with my prayers and not just to ask God to take over but to start pin-pointing some areas that I really need help on.   So may I encourage all of us to pray for wisdom in ever area of our lives and let us not be quick to judge where others are in their walk with God.  It’s God that transforms us, and I know for me, God continually reminds me to just stop  and love people where they are.  Many times for me this is not easy, but it’s another prayer that I am learning to give to God; to have God help me with my selfishness and learn to love people more unconditionally.  I think God would be proud of me today for feeling led to point out my shortcoming, because we all have them, and it’s not always easy to share the hard parts, but I know we need to share our struggles too b/c we all face them.  One of my life verses that God has been continually placing in my head and on my heart is  Jer 29:11 (NIV) “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” It’s funny b/c my pastor had actually quoted this on Sunday and it brought me back to some basic truths that I need to remember.  Then, I heard this song from Leeland that has this same verse in it and I knew God was trying to remind me that He’s in control.  So I guess the point of saying all this is that I have been reminded that I can’t get too far ahead of myeslf and what God is trying to say and do with me.  So many times, God just fills my head with so much info, but now I am learning to ask Him what He wants me to do with it, instead of just trying to give every one my spin on it.  So Father God, I thank you for teaching me wisodm this week and reminding me that just because I am gaining understanding in a certain way, I need to go to you first and seek your wisdom on how to understand and use it.  God help me to love people more where ever you have them and help me to accept where you have me too.  Thank you for never letting go and thank you for always convictiing us when we need it.  Help us to not forget the things that you teach us Lord.  We get so full of knowledge that we don’t know what to do with it all sometimes, so help us to learn what you want us to learn and help us to love like you love.  We need you Lord in  everything we do; thank you for Loving us more than we will ever know and thank you for giving us a hope and a future; help us to endure the race you have set us upon and always put our trust in you,even when we can’t always see what you are up to.  Amen.

6 thoughts on “Conviction is Good

  1. Wonderfuland honest post. Thanks for sharing. Sometime ago God taught we as well that we are each on our own path and it is He who works in us so we have to trust Him with our growth and the growth in others.


  2. good post–i honestly feel so many times how i am not up to par with others–and i know many in your boat who get “frustrated” with others for not being so far along in their “walk”–but 1 thing i can say for you–is i think you would make an awesome pastor (i see you as a discipleship pastor) and i say that because i can see you full of so much hope, encouragement, and positive pull to help guide people in their walk-and to get to the point of surrendering–(unlike so many that i know tht just “hurt” you and judge you, etc)–each lesson you are learning is going to make you even stronger and better pastor.
    also G/L on your math–hee hee

  3. In school, students are often taught to raise their hand if they have a question. A good teacher understands that everything being taught is not understood by every student the first time it is spoken. Some students, however, are shy about asking questions, fearing that they will appear less intelligent to other students who already know the answer.

    The axiomatic teacher’s platitude for this situation is, “Remember, students, there are no dumb questions.” While this sentiment may be encouraging for some, most of us remember, at one time or another, being mocked or scorned by a teacher for asking a question to which everyone else already knew the answer.

    The Lord Jesus’s disciples sometimes called Him “Rabbi” (John 1:49; 6:25), which meant “Teacher,” but aren’t you glad that God is not like an earthly teacher? The Bible says that, when we do not know what to do, and even when we might feel dumb for not knowing, we need to ask God. He gives wisdom freely, and never shames us for asking.

    “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” James 1:5

  4. =) I like these realizations. Especially what you said about praying for specific things — this is scarier than praying for generalities! But when God answers your prayers (as He does ^_^) then you can give Him more specific praise, which is wonderful!

    Keep submitting to Him and you will not go empty for long. 🙂

  5. Yeah conviction can be our best freind as long as we receive it the way you have. I think there are many that will confuse conviction with condemnation though. When they get convicted they will begin beating themselves up and before they know it they are condemning themselves, but there is no Condemnation in those that are in Christ Jesus.. You have taken this gift of Holy Spirit conviction and now you will use it to glorify God.

    Conviction will cause us to repent but to continue moving forward and this sounds like what you have done, in this you glorify God with your life. God bless you Robin 🙂

  6. Powerful post, and I know from experience when these things happen to us, it´s because we are drawing closer to him. We are never finished being in the refiners fire.

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