I Have The Most Awesome Pastor In The World!!

I just got home from church and my whole being is just electrified, for lack of better words.  My pastor Rocks! , Actually, it’s Christs’ amazing work through Him that Rocks!   As much as I have laid my issues at the cross, God has been transforming me in such amazing ways.  Sometimes I wonder if people even get half the stuff that comes out of me, but this too, I have learned to let Go and place in God’s hands.  You see, as much as we can talk a good talk about being Christian, it’s our actions that really matter.  I know we all struggle at some level of complacency, but I have also learned that the more I give my heart over to God, the more it truly starts taking shape like Jesus’.  We can run around and call ourselves Christians all we want, but if our actions don’t line up, we’re just giving God lip service, and worse yet, we’re giving Christ a bad name;  and really,  who wants to follow a hypocrite?   I know when I got my fire back for God, it really freaked me out in a way b/c I knew the standard, and I knew that I’d never measure up, but through Gods grace, and love and strength of the Holy Spirit in us we can do al that God calls us to do.  Sometimes I get so frustrated b/c I wonder if  some of the people that I highly value understand where I’m at, and today, on Mother’s Day, God gave me an awesome gift that indeed my prayers are being heard and perhaps my blog is being read by some pretty influenceal people that I know (thanks Pastor Jim).  I know this b/c some of the things that I have been writting about were echoed loud and clear today at church.  Maybe for some reading this, you may be thinking, well what’s the big deal?  Read some of my blog and you’ll understand more of my heart.  I want to share with you my reader a very fundamentalal issue of our faith, and my prayer is that you would really let this get  inside you and mess with where you are in your walk.   Christianityis not a social club.  We are saved and set apart to do good works and shine the light that should be radiating out of us as Jesus constantly is making us brighter and more complete in Him.   We’re not to stand around waiting around for heaven, as I have mentioned before.  We are Salt to a decaying word that is rotting before our eyes.  We are light to a world of darkness and sin.  Don’t take this lightly.  Let it sink in. Think about it.  Go look up scriptures that talk about it and pray for God to help you  live it.  Pray for God to change your heart, and that you would truly hunger and thirst after righteousness, that you would become desperate for more of Him!   If you really want to be everything for Christ, then humble yourself at the cross and ask for His help.  If your just being a christian because that’s the way you were raised or because y9u want to feel good or gain God’s approvalalal or a ticket into heaven; get out of the way, b/c you’ve got it all wrong!   Don’t believe me? Well start reading your Bible, but don’t just read it to know, read it to be changed.  It’s living Water; Do you understand that?  We are to become like Christ in EVERY WAY!  Yeh, it’s a tall order, and no we can’t do it without Him, but it’s why He saved us!  My pastor played the following video that moved me in such a way that I couldn’t  help but stand up in praise, in gratitude, in a scream out to God that yes, God you are the God of our City and we are your people who you chose to use, to make a difference in this world, in our cities and community, to be your Salt and to be your light.  I was praying for everyone in that congregation that they would be moved, that something inside would change.    So I want to thank Pastor Jim for unashamedly preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  May His words echo in the hearts of all who heard and my their hearts be moved to the heart beat of God! 

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