Fear God Not Man

In the following Psalm David is crying out to God to rescue him from his enemies.  I’m sure we can all relate.  It seems the closer that we grow in Christ, the more people are watching us, criticising us, talking about us, and waiting for us to slip up so that they can start throwing stones.  But David goes on to say that He will put His trust in God, praising Him, trusting Him; for what can mere men do?   We’re also reminded that God knows everything that we face; he has our tears stored up in a bottle, He knows every sorrow that we face, and he promises to make it right.  David ends the psalm by renewing his vow to God; that He will trust and follow after him always in all circumstances., and offering a sacrifice of praise, always desiring to walk in the light and presence of God.  To shine for Him alone, his creator and the lifter of his head.  So let us today, as we go out into this world that is  full of problems that are challenging and people who are not always fun to be around, and lets meditate on some of the verses in this Psalm; remembering that we don’t have to fear men, nor does God want us to, but we need to humbly come before the throne of God and fear our creator in reverence, knowing that our faith in his goodness is what will get us through any circumstance, hardship, or words of slander that may come our way.  Let us renew our vow to God and fully put our trust in Him!  Lord, Thank You for your Word this morning, and thank you for reminding us to put our trust in you alone.  Remind us that you over come the world and you have called us, set us apart, putting our feet on the solid rock so we won’t slip into the ways of this world.  We love you Lord, so we come before the throne and humbly ask you to help us live out our faith for you.  Keep reminding us that we can’t do it in our own strength, but we need you; your Spirit to guide us, and your Word embedded on our hearts, that it is always with us and will be the first thing that come from our lips.  We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Psalm 56 New Living Translation

 For the choir director: A psalm of David, regarding the time the Philistines seized him in Gath. To be sung to the tune “Dove on Distant Oaks.”

 1 O God, have mercy on me,
      for people are hounding me.
      My foes attack me all day long.
 2 I am constantly hounded by those who slander me,
      and many are boldly attacking me.
 3 But when I am afraid,
      I will put my trust in you.
 4 I praise God for what he has promised.
      I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?
      What can mere mortals do to me? 5 They are always twisting what I say;
      they spend their days plotting to harm me.
 6 They come together to spy on me—
      watching my every step, eager to kill me.
 7 Don’t let them get away with their wickedness;
      in your anger, O God, bring them down.

 8 You keep track of all my sorrows.[a]
      You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
      You have recorded each one in your book.

 9 My enemies will retreat when I call to you for help.
      This I know: God is on my side!
 10 I praise God for what he has promised;
      Yes, I praise the Lord for what he has promised.
 11 I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?
      What can mere mortals do to me?

 12 I will fulfill my vows to you, O God,
      and will offer a sacrifice of thanks for your help.
 13For you have rescued me from death;
      you have kept my feet from slipping.
   So now I can walk in your presence, O God,
      in your life-giving light.

6 thoughts on “Fear God Not Man

  1. I love the Psalms, how David expressed His innermost feelings to God, good or bad, but then ends by affirming His trust in God. Thanks for reminding us of that and to fear only God, not man! Love, Jenny

  2. Fill your lungs with air, and hold your breath. Now, see how long you can go without breathing. The average person can hold his or her breath for no more than 40 seconds. The longest possible period a person could go without breathing – due to specialized training or unnaturally slow heartbeat – is between 8 and 15 minutes.

    Holding the breath in your lungs is one thing. Human lungs can hold a relatively large amount of air. But how about your nose? How much air can you hold in your nostrils? According to the Bible, the answer is: not much.

    “Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?” Isaiah 22:2
    The word “cease” in this verse is a command from God. It tells His people to stop honoring, accounting for, respecting, fearing, and loving men in the place of God. This is emphasized by the strong reminder that the life of man is nothing more than a “noseful of air.”

    How differently would we live our lives if we remembered that, the next time we blew a breath of air from our nostrils, we would have no hope of drawing in another breath if not for the power and grace of our loving and almighty God!

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