What’s in a Name? Desperate for more of HIM!

Desperate For More of Him!  I remember months ago, when I had 3 blogs going over on the blogspot server, I was being grown by God in some amazing ways.   I soon began to follow hard after Him and felt it time to figure out a way to get my heart onto one blog once and for all.  Long story short, I decided to focus my blogging strictly on my walk with God; since I felt that is really what I was trying to do, but in 3 different parts of who I was; part mom, part single mom, and part Rocker for Jesus!  As I’ve blogged and added and deleted blogs from my blog roll for different reasons, I’ve really started to take notice of why people name their blogs the way they do.  Sometimes there is no significance, but many times there is.  It got me thinking of how I named this blog; and so I thought I’d share with you.  I’d love to sit here and say it was because of some great song that really spoke to my heart, and perhaps there was a song or 2 or 3 or… (I love my music); but if I remember correctly it came out of a sermon from Church.; (which of course I can’t locate at the moment), but I am pretty sure remembering this was mentioned:  ” Our desperation flows out of our needs”; our need for love, acceptance, fellowship, our need for understanding, compassion and love; our need for Christ!   Hungry people are desperate for food.  Drug addicts are desperate for another high; and I rremember sitting in church and thinking how desperate I was for God.  Yes I was saved, yes I was serving, but I was desperate for More of Him.  I needed more; I wanted more of the Bible in Me, transforming me, not just so I could say I read through this book or that chapter, or I can recall this or that story, but that the Living Word would begin to live and dwell within me.  I began to ask God for this, and like a water faucet; he just started pouring in and out of me in every way.  I began to “see” and “hear” everything that seems like it was unattainable before.  There where parts and pieces of who I thought I was in Christ that started to really sink in deep.  Yes, our desperation reveals our need!  Our Hunger, Our thirst, Our desire to get closer to Him; to be in an intimate relationship with Him.  For Him to completely take over, to truly become the lover of our soul, and be able to love Him back in that same way; incredible!!   So I ask you.. What are you desperate for?  Are you desperate for a job? , a relationship with a mate? Are you desperately trying to repair a relationship in your personal and/or professional  life?  Sooner or later all of these needs run dry.  Human relationships, no matter how close and important will fall short for the simple fact that they are just that; human.  You may be hungry and get food, but you will be hungry again, same with a fix on a drug or a bottle; sooner or later, it’s gonna come back around to get some more of you.  But the fulfillment of God will always be enough!  He will always be with us, and never leave us!  When all else in your life fails God will be there to pick you up and hold you close.  Life is hard, but with God, we can make it!  We can over come and become all that He wants us to; but we have to be desperate for Him to change us.  We have to lay it all down at the foot of the cross and leave it there; trusting that He will never let us go.  I know it’s scary to trust in what we can’t see, but this is the faith that God calls us to have.  We can do this b/c He lives in us.  So I hope you will find that all your needs will only and always be filled by God.  He’s our creator and the author and finisher of our life.  He has a good plan for us, but we need to be willing to trust and obey where ever He leads, even when we don’t understand and can’t see the next step ahead of us; we know that He can!  My prayer for you today dear reader is that you may become Desperate for More of Him and begin to truly walk in faith and obedience to His will.   This is my prayer Lord Jesus, please move in the hearts of everyone who reads this, that they would become desperate for you and be willing to trust in you in All areas of their life. Lord help them and do a mighty work in them! I pray all this in Jesus’ preciouse name, Amen.   May God Bless You!

3 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? Desperate for more of HIM!

  1. first, i like your new layout 🙂 i too find it interesting how we all named our blogs–all has significant meanings to each of us–and i agree–as we read each others blog–i think you can figure out how we each came up with our names–thanks for sharing your inspiration with us robin!!!

  2. Amen! i am desperate for more of HIm that it’s really hard to wait for His return,, i would really like to be with him face to face.. But i know that it is all in His timing so I must wait and continue to be a witness.. But i do long to be with the Lord!

  3. Robin,

    Your post is very encouraging! And I like how you ended it with a prayer for the reader. That was very touching.

    Keep up the good work!

    Blessings to you…

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