6 Characteristics of a fully devoted follower of Christ. Are You Transparent For Christ???

Many times on this blog I have tried to share not only what God is teaching me, but to encourage and help to rise up others to new levels in their walk with Christ.  I’ve become very transparent and placed my heart on the line for the sake of the kingdom of God.  I know that my continued growth has been due to this radical level of commitment and obedience to The Father.  I Googled Transparency b/c I feel that it is truly what God wants us to display for Him.  If we are truly becoming more like Christ, then why wouldn’t we live transparent; having as much light shine out of us as we can!!!  Below are 6 Characteristics of a fully devoted follower of Christ that I got off of the West Evangelical Free Church in Wichita, KS.    I find it so interesting  and love comming  across churches that have a point-on mission statement and a clear vision.  But the questions remain…  How transparent are you?  How much light are you radiating?  I think it’s so important to take questions like these and really sit with them and let them mess with you.  They’re foundational to our growth in Christ, and they need to really grab ahold of us so we would be willing to surrender ourselves to God, so that He would work more deeply in us.  So I hope you will take some time and really ask yourself these questions and how they apply to your life.  Are You Passionate for God? If not why? and what do you need to do to change that?  (Maybe start by praying for God to help you surrender), Is the Living Word of God, living In You? and if not Why? It should be if you are a Christ-follower.  We need the Word of God, it’s our instruction manual and it’s His Love Letter to us; so pray for some thirst of God’s Word, we can never get enough of it.   Are you obeying and surrendering completely to the will of the father?  Are you producing fruit for the kingdom, and do people notice the change in you? Are you committed to a church and/ or a group of people to keep you accountable and feed the truth and knowledge that we need from scripture.  Do you know what your spiritual gifts are and are you using them to serve the body of Christ?  Do you feel for the lost? Is your  heart becoming more like Christ, filled with compassion, humility, and love, to move out among the less fortunate and make a difference in someone elses lives.  If not, I ask again Why? and perhaps you need to pray for God to do some work in these areas.  We need to give God our time if we expect to be changed.  We need to be in His Word and on our knees, on a daily basis.  We owe it to Him for all that He has done for us, but more than that, we should be deperate for Him; running to Him b/c we know we are useless in our own strength.  I Pray you take seriouse the commitment and life you have in Christ.  Don’t date God, Be commited.  Don’t be lukewarm, Be Hot.  Give God your best everyday b/c He gave you His best.  We’re still gonna blow it, I do everyday, but I am also changing and desire more of Him, and so should you.  I am praying for you!

6 Characterictics of a Fully Devoted Follower of Christ

Our mission at West Evangelical Free Church is to “develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.” Several years ago, our elders looked through scripture to find the marks of a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and came up with what has become known as the 6 “c’s”. At the bottom of this page, you can take a spiritual health assessment to see where you are at in your relationship with the God of the universe!

1.  Communion with God

     A passion for God that draws me to Him and motivates me to live for Him.

2.  Competent in the Word

     Informed and transformed by the Word of God.

3.  Consistent in My Walk

     Consistently living out my faith in every area of my life (consistent obedience).

4.  Connected to the Body

     Some deep transparent relationships, plus a genuine commitment to the body of Christ.

5.  Commissioned for Ministry

     Regularly using talents and spiritual gifts in the power of the Spirit to serve the body of Christ.

6.  Committed to the Lost

    A lifestyle that makes both personal and corporate evangelism a high priority.


8 thoughts on “6 Characteristics of a fully devoted follower of Christ. Are You Transparent For Christ???

  1. Hey Robin, I agree with you that spending time with God is what changes us. I spent so much time being lukewarm with Him, and then several years ago, one of my bible studies at church stressed spending time with Him, which I had been avoiding! So I finally started doing it, and that is when things began to change. He began showing me who He is and how much He loves me, and I think that is the begining of being empowered to change and to serve Him. Thanks so much for your post! Blessings! Jenny

  2. Transparency is something I strongly believe in yet constantly wrestle with. I think transparency is also not wearing a mask to church as in not going there with a big fake smile plastered all over our faces. If we are serious about ‘fellowship’ then we need to realise it’s more than just socialising, it is deep relationships between Christians where we can speak into each other’s lives. That’s just one of the many things I struggle with at church.

  3. I dont disagree with what you have here but I am not seeing any scripture to affirm what you are saying. It would help tremendously to see this in light of scripture to know if it is accurate and if it is complete.

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