Unite For Hunger and Hope

 7cea3b2ba313e58381a69d4a7f14152c I went out today with a friend and my daughter who both wanted to get some ice cream.  Two doors down at the shopping plaza I saw the most recent attaction; Five Guys Burger’s.  Of course I was hungry b/c I never took the time to eat earlier when my daughter did, and saw this as the perfect opportunity to grab one of these famous burgers.  I must admit, it “filled the void”, as my one brother always likes to say and joke about; and not once did I think about someone else who may have been hungry or for that matter ever tasted a burger before.  Now it’s true, we don’t go around everytime we get hungry and think of the acutal folks out there that are hungry, we are just trying to fill our own appitite at the moemnt.   But what if the next time we got hungry for something we actually considered the millions of people around this world who don’t have barely anything at all to eat.  I know it’s hard to do; even sitting here, I am chugging down a bottle of water to quench my thirst (must be from all the salt in that burger I had earlier) and think of some one literally dying of thirst in another country far far away, but it happends, everyday.  I know it’s hard to change our thinking, and if you want a good book on it I recomend “Thinking For A Change”, by John C. Maxwell.  I know it has helped me in my personal life.  But more than that, As a Christian, The Bible Comands us to: Proverbs 28;27 ” He who give to the poor lacks nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses”.  2 Corinthians 9:7 “Each man should give what he has decided to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”.   There are many more, but those 2 seems to stick out to me the most and helped me remember that it is part of my responcibility to help the poor and hungry, to cloth the naked, to house the homeless.  No one can do it all, and I know at times the needs seem so overwhelming, but together we can accomplish great things. I know it’s no accident that found my way over to Bloggers Unite tonight, and it’s no accident that they happen to be blogging for Hunger in less than 3 hours, and it’s no accident that I felt a need to be a part of this.  I don’t have all answeres, as a matter of fact, I don’t even know where to start; but as God as my witness, I have slowly been comming around.  This past Christmas I wanted to get away from all the commercialism and asked my parents to donate an act of charity for me of some sort.  On Christmas I was pleasently surprised when I received a card with a donation made in my name for Chickens to help feed a family through Heifer International.  Now you may be asking yourself ” what good are chickens”? but for a family in another country it will provide eggs, and meat; the chickens can reproduce and, the cycle continues.  It doesn’t seem like a lot to someone like me who can go to the grocery store that is open 24 hours a day and get my needs met , but I know it was a very important part of this famillies livelyhood and utter survival.  So I invite you to become a part of something bigger than just what is around you at the moement.  I dare you to think about the lost and the forgotten.  I ask you to think about the hungry, thirsty, and poverty stricken the next time you open the refrigerator or hit the drive threw.  If you don’t feel like you can give, if you feel overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start; how about just take some time and pray for those that have less than you.  I know this too might be uncomfortable, but doing something new, usually is.  If nothing else, stop by the links listed below and hear the stories, learn about the issues, just see how the other parts of the world live.  Perhaps it will move your heart, to move your hands and feet.  God Bless. 

Bloggers Unite for Hunger  

Heiffer International

4 thoughts on “Unite For Hunger and Hope

  1. The same sort of thing has been on my mind, too. God bless you for taking the time to write about a worthy issue. My girls and I have been talking a lot about “needs” and “wants” lately. But even I, the mother, have trouble distinguishing them. Thanks for opening our eyes to this cause!

    – Jennifer

  2. We have always been the ‘starving’ missionary as we continually live under supported and therefore must be creative with our finances. Yet, living in Thailand, we still have way more than the average person we meet.

    In an attempt to protect ourselves from thinking the church owes us, we visit a children’s home (think 2 room shack with dirt floors and no running water). But they don’t want “charity”. They want help learning how to cultivate the land, raise livestock, and sell handicrafts.

    Our kids are a bit nervous about all this but they are embracing this kind of involvement because they can see a difference. Just before rainy season hits with a vengeance, we hope to go up and help them plant some fruit trees. Should be fun…

    Thanks for your honesty… and for being a light to keep us honest as well.

    He Is Near,


  3. Wow, very impressive. Thank you for your transparency!
    I will definitely subscribe and add you to the blogroll!


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