I Have Decided to Follow Jesus; No Turning Back!

If there is one thing that I am reminded of on a daily basis it is the cost of following Jesus.  I have learned much,yet know so little.  I am learning to become not only more patient with others but also with myself as I struggle to live a life that is pleasing to God.  There’s so much talk, ya know what I mean?  People doing church, quoting scriptures, then living a life that doesn’t line up to it.  I know I’m not perfect either, but I am consistently seeing a difference, a deeper desire for more things God, a passion that I can’t sleep off anymore, but that has been keeping me awake at night.  I care much; I think about the world and all the needs; I look at myself and know that I should be doing more.  My heart tells me so, and so I find myself on my knees again asking God to move my hands and feet.  I wonder what it would look like if our churches really moved to the beat of God, I mean really?  What if we showed up at church not to be fed, but to go out and feed others?  Believe me, I’m preaching to myself here too!  I think many of us want so much to move for God, but somehow we get stuck.  We wait for the right opportunity, when there are opportunities all around us.  We don’t necessarily have to ship off to Kenya ; we actually have to start at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to make us better, to mold us into His image.  This needs to be our foundation; before we can do anything we  need to come to the cross.  I care deeply.  I care deeply for the church; not just the congregation of people that I meet with every week, but the larger church of God; all of us who are Christians, who follow our master Jesus.  I know it’s not easy, I know we fall short, I know the world constantly pulls at our attention, I know we are sinners, but we do have a God who is stronger, who heals us, and sets us free!  But yes, there is a cost too.  When we put our lives on the line for Christ it seems that everyone starts watching; even our Christian brothers and sisters, and sometimes they can be the worst critics; I hate to say that but it’s true; been there, done that, but kept on moving right along with Jesus!  We’re gonna suffer, we’re gonna get picked on, called names, made fun of, be scrutinized…. but if we are living a life of True Surrender, of True Obedience, Honestly following hard after Him, we have nothing to worry about; in fact, we’ll just keep getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger in the ways of Christ so that we can walk out a life of Christ and truly begin to move where our hearts burn to move for His Glory.  It’s all about Jesus.  One thing I know is that when you decide to follow Jesus in a radical sold-out way; (again, this being seen by your actions and not merely words), there is no turning back.  You don’t want to turn back, and it gets to a point where you actually can’t even if you tried.  Sometimes God will grab ahold of us in such amazing ways that it’s indescribable, but we truly do become a new creation in him.  In Luke 14:25-34 we are reminded of the cross that we must carry.  May we continually pray for God to renew us to become more like Jesus all the time, and may we truly desire to always follow Jesus at any cost because it by Him that we are saved, set apart and sanctified, and it is for Him that we owe everything.  Last night my heart grew heavy for a moment, because it’s not always easy putting ourselves out there; our souls are naked and we begin to feel vulnerable.  For a quick moment I forgot that God is in in control, that he sees it all, and that it’s gonna be O.K.   As I prayed in that moment and went to The Word to find some peace and assurance, God led me to Isaiah 54:4 “Do not be afraid; you will not suffer shame.
       Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated.
       You will forget the shame of your youth
       and remember no more the reproach of your widowhood.  Sometimes we forget that when God’s leading (and He always should be), that He IS IN CONTROL,  and It’s Gonna Be O.K.     Jesus, I pray right now that you would come and work in our hearts.  Change us from the deepest parts of us, come and not only fan the flames, but burn a new commitment to you, a deeper understanding and a more intimate relationship with you Lord; that give us a hunger and thirst for your Word and your Ways like never before.   Oh God, that we would become like Christ in every way.  May our hearts be changed forever.  We love you Lord, we live for you, help us always put you first.  Help us to surrender, to take seriously the cross that you have placed in our hands.  We know that it is only by the power of your spirit that you can do these things, so we invite the spirit to come and mold us into your vessels, to  be strengthened, renewed, and to be used by you in mighty ways so we can bring glory and honor to your name.  We pray whole-heatedly in the name of Jesus, Amen!

3 thoughts on “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus; No Turning Back!

  1. Hi Robin. Sorry I haven’t been around visiting much. I really enjoyed your post today. I’m thinking that somehow you should start sending out daily devotions via email. You’re writing has gotten THAT good! Seriously…look into that. I know you will have many subscribers, including me! And Amen to everything you have said! Email me sometime. God bless you (more and more!)

  2. Beautiful post. I agree with Lori what a wonderfully written post. I am glad you came by today. I have changed comupters awhile back and lost some favorites. I am glad to find you again. Well glad you found me.
    Have a Blessed weekend.

  3. Hello Tobin,

    That is a beautiful song. I pray that you will continue to reach out to others in your writings as well as encourage others in the things that you have gone through. God bless you Robin and keep testifying of His greatness and our weakness without Him 🙂

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