Where’s The Fruit; Part 2 ; Re-Evaluating Where You Are

As I have sat here, I look over at some of my drafts, and I have about 3 or 4 at this point.  It seems at the moment The Spirit is just flooding my  head with stuff; scripture, sermons, application, biblical references and bible help website, commentaries….  One thing that I am so happy about is that with all this information, God’s Spirit does move!  Thank God I am not just filled with head knowledge. Really, I’ve always been one who has struggled with stuff like most of the Old Testament, lineages, and the like, but when I stop and just take it one passage at a time I do much better.  I am slowly learning to not try and know it all, but to read and listen as God’s Spirit leads me to.  I know it is God’s Spirit who will give me understanding, and I know that He will reveal to me what He wants me to know and when he wants me to know it; I just need to remember this and obey His leading. So what if I don’t know every account that ever occurred, or if I get my facts mixed up, the point is, or maybe the question we should be aksing  is “is their growth?”.  I  mean this not just in a clearer understanding of the Bible, but in every area of my Christian walk.   It’s not just the renewing of our minds, but  more of our hearts! Becomming  more like Christ in every way is the purpose and the pilgrimage of the Christina Walk.  So I challenge you to ask yourself some fundamental questions:  Am I being transformed? Am I Going deeper? Am I experiencing continued intimacy and closeness with God?  Am I being changed in ways that others takes notice of?  Is my prayer life integrated into every area of my life? Do I even have a prayer life? and if not why not?  Are there areas in my life that I need to cut out to be able to spend more time with God in prayer and in HIs Word so to be able to grow my relationship with Him the way He wants.   These are just a few basic questions, but they are not  to be taken lightly for the Christian who is truly serious about their life in Christ.  May we constantly strive to become more like Christ in every area of our lives and living a life that brings Him Glory and honor by the way that we live out our lives. Be blessed and May you grow closer to our awesome Lord and Savior who has formed you in His  image and desirs a strong, healthy, and continual relationship with His chosen.  May I challenge you once again to truly put on the ring of commitment and not mearly “play house” with God.  For he died to set us free that we would bear much fruit for His kingdom.  Lord, today I ask that you not only renew our minds, but our whole beings.  Draw us into a new level of love with you Father God and let us experience more of you.  Let us always take our commitment to you seriously and blatantly show us what we need to do or not be doing so to always put you above all else in this world.  We Love you Lord and we Thank you .  Help us to become more like Jesus in everything we do and say; and let us truly Reflect The Son! Amen!!

4 thoughts on “Where’s The Fruit; Part 2 ; Re-Evaluating Where You Are

  1. Agreed and agreed ^_^ It is good to find rest in Jesus, but not stagnation. Thanks for this post, ‘cuz yesterday I was trying to think of a good way to explain my slight troubles…now I see that the way to explain them is, “I am not in a bad place…I am just stuck in a good place. =P And not going forward to the next place, spiritually speaking.”

    Anyhows! Your remarks on the Old Testament also made me think of something I heard on the radio, where someone said, “If you grew up in Sunday School hearing Bible stories, you learned them wrong! The Old Testament stories have lots of interesting characters and events, but they aren’t *about* those characters and events…the stories are about who God is, what He is like, what He does for us and expects of us, and about the expectancy of Jesus coming to save us.”

    When I started reading the Old Testament stories (and even the laws, etc) as if they were mostly meant to show me who God is, they got even cooler. ^_^

  2. During his later years, Simon Peter, the disciple and apostle of Jesus Christ, was a shining example of a Spirit-filled Christian. However, this was not always the case. Like many of us, Peter started off his Christian life sometimes acting like a tantrum-throwing toddler or a moody teen-aged child. We’re talking about a man who went from refusing to allow Jesus to wash his feet in one breath, to demanding that He wash his whole body, in the next. (John 13:6-10)

    What caused the change from this Peter to the man we see in the epistles I and II Peter: the spiritually mature believer? The answer is that he grew in grace and knowledge. “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” (II Peter 3:18)

    Nature teaches that the keys to physical and mental growth are a healthy diet, exercise, and caring companionship. These are good illustrations for the balance needed for spiritual growth also – growth in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Believers must partake of spiritual food: the bread of life, which is the Word of God. Also, they must be active in obedience and good works: Christian love, or “charity.” Finally, they must learn to fellowship with other believers in caring for, and being helped by, the Church.

    Christians who swing violently from one extreme to the other in spiritual matters are demonstrating spiritual immaturity. Those who are growing are marked by consistent Bible-study and obedience, active service in sharing the love of Christ, and in regular church attendance and ministry to the living saints.

  3. AMEN!! Excellent Post! You made some terrific points . . esp; ” I know it is God’s Spirit who will give me understanding, and I know that He will reveal to me what He wants me to know and when he wants me to know it; I just need to remember this and obey His leading.” So many don’t truly trust the Spirit, but trust man and their growth and thus lives suffer for it.


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