Pour it all out for Jesus

The story in Mark 14:1-12 is one of my favorites. It is the story of a woman who came to Jesus and poured out an expensive perfume onto his head in preparation for His burial. Many were outraged and thought the woman was wasting such a luxurious item, but Jesus corrected their thinking and found the woman’s actions to be pleasing, sacrificial, and promised that this act would be remembered always. Below is Matthew Henry’s Commentary, which helps us to better understand this as well :

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Bible

14:1-11 Did Christ pour out his soul unto death for us, and shall we think any thing too precious for him? Do we give him the precious ointment of our best affections? Let us love him with all the heart, though it is common for zeal and affection to be misunderstood and blamed; and remember that charity to the poor will not excuse any from particular acts of piety to the Lord Jesus. Christ commended this woman’s pious attention to the notice of believers in all ages. Those who honour Christ he will honour. Covetousness was Judas’ master lust, and that betrayed him to the sin of betraying his Master; the devil suited his temptation to that, and so conquered him. And see what wicked contrivances many have in their sinful pursuits; but what appears to forward their plans, will prove curses in the end.

This past weekend I was blessed to help my dear friend co-lead a girl’s retreat for an area church.  It was awesome to be used by God, and to be able to reach out and impact some of these girls lives who have some hard backgrounds. Me and my friend poured out hours of our time in preparation and prayer for this b/c we have a desire to make a differnece in the lives of others for Jesus.  Is that your desire too?  I hope so, because this is what God calls us to do, to pour out our lives, our time, our money, our resources, and everything He puts in our path to share the love of Jesus with others and to help eachother stay strong and faithful to the one who is always faithful to us.   We need to always be desiring to give God our very best, whether we are serving others, or spending time with Him in the Word and Prayer.  So as we start another week in this world, full of problems and hardships; are we surrendering our lives over to Christ? Are we giving Him our best? Our first fruits? Our precious possessions, desires and dreams? He deserves every area of our lives for what He gave to us! So let us continually put our trust in Him, take His hand and let Him guide our every step as we walk in obedience an love, giving Him nothing less than all of us.  Lord Jesus, we thank you for all that you do in us and through us, making us more like you one step at a time.  We love you and desire to serve you with our lives.  Strip away our pride and our personal issues and make us to be holy as you are holy.  Let us be light and shine through us for your glory. In your holy name we thank you and pray, Amen!

4 thoughts on “Pour it all out for Jesus

  1. I so enjoy reading your blog–and the positive energy and service that i read–gives me hope and i know that someday–as i am molded here that i will be able to do the same–and i can’t wait to share my testimony–i so hope i make it through and can do that–and i will do it proudly and in his name–blessings to you robin–what a great way to serve him 🙂

  2. Pouring it all out – I love the imagery you created here! It is my greatest desire too – to be a vessel of God that is useful in His hands. He deserves only my very best – and ALL of it, with nothing reserved.

  3. I like this short but very helpful article. I want Him to tell me just how He wants me to be all out. What does He want from me.

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