Practice what you Preach: Humbled and Reminded

As I sat at the feet Jesus this morning, He was quick to remind me of humility.  I know it’s easy to get “preachy” with others when we are being blessed.  “Just have faith, God will get you through….”  or other surface coated phrases like that.  It’s true our trials indeed strengthen our faith, but we will always have something new to over come, just wait a moment or two.  I had written a blog post in draft  about how sometimes I get fed up with others “lack of faith”.  Well, it will be getting deleted for the simple reason that as God continues to humble me, he reminds me that I too, exhibit my very own and very real lack of faith, anxiety, and fears at times.  I may not outwardly express them as much as others may, but I think that is because (and this is just my own take on it), as I deal with my own issues in private with God, and sometimes confiding in a close friend or two, God will strengthen me, so that I can go out as a strong member of the body and help the weaker members with positive encouragement, sympathy and empathy.  Many times, God indeed lets me share my struggles and how my faith gets worked through it all.  I have learned too, that many times when I do share my struggles, it will teach me something new about myself as well.   This morning I was crying out to God, literally, b/c I am so overwhelmed with the math class that I am taking.  It’s a huge challenge for me, and I feel like I am grasping at straws. Now, the “old me” (about a half hour ago), would say, “Come on Robin, God is the God of the impossible, He will see you through this, just have faith, get in the Word, soak yourself in every Christian song or serman that comes along your path, that is how we stay rooted”; or something along those lines of self – preaching.  It is in these times of struggles, and loss that we learn to throw open our arms to God and seek more of Him, and why would I want to hinder anyone from doing that by giving them a “faith” band-aid?, if you know what I mean.  I caught myself doing this yesterday, as my friend shared her struggles of a physical injury that she has been plagued with and her very real fears of a possible corrective surgery.  Of course I was doing my best to listen, but quickly jumped in with something along the lines of, “now don’t forget to surrender it to God” and”Don’t worry too much about it b/c God’s Word tells us not to worry, but live by faith”Hmm,  sounds like I should be taking a bit of my own preachy medicine this morning as I found myself upset over my own issues of my math class.  Alright God, I see, you are teaching me some valuable lessons here and that I too need to practice what I “preach” and to continue to shut my mouth and open my ears of compassion and understanding instead of judgement and trying to explain away other peoples very real issues.  If that’s not humbling to me, well I don’t know what is?  Thank you Jesus for reminded me of this very important lesson this morning, and may I truly learn to be more compassionate to others needs as you are, and may I continue to see others needs as they see them and not be quick to spout off my opinions or views.  Amen

10 thoughts on “Practice what you Preach: Humbled and Reminded

  1. I am really glad you shared this today robin–because i find myself feeling (as you noticed with my blog) like i struggle lots more then so many others in their walk–but then is what i guess my blog is about my struggles–and it is nice to see others have them too–thanks for sharing them also–i admire you with your walk in christ and i so hope to someday be as strong as others in my walk and will get there someday–i hope. thanks

  2. There is one thing that you also may notice, Robin, that what we write about will always be tested on us. When I am in a struggle, I am finding that I need to believe the messages I write. If I truly believe that God is inspiring the truth I write about, it is also and always a message for me first!

  3. Thanks for your reminder! I agree with you. I know it is a struggle for me sometimes to know when I just need to listen and how God wants me to encourage others. Blessings, Jenny

  4. Beautifully said Robin! I wish to thank you so much for your prayers. I pray that God continue to show Himself to you daily in ways in which you are simply left amazed. I love you and thanks again my friend.


  5. Hi Robin, sorry I haven’t been around for awhile, but I’m looking forward to trying to catch up.

    Amen to this post. It’s seems that on the mountain tops we some time forget about the valleys and how it feels to be in hard places. May God help us both walk in compassion.
    God bless you!

  6. Robin, thanks for the reminder that we are to walk humbly before the Lord. Each of us need the compassion and love of other brothers and sisters and we need to meet others right where they are – just like the Lord does with us!

  7. Hi Robin,

    How are you? I really love your honesty in this post. “Practice what you preach” or “Put your money where your mouth is.” There are times when we need to listen and shut up. It usually hurts more than it helps when we try to apply a faith “bandage.” But learning discernment is something we all are constantly learning. Great writing!

  8. Hi Robin,

    I am struggling right now with a dilemma–over-commitments– ever been there? I’m wondering if I am suppose to “pour out” more for Him or back out of some of my commitments. I really need the Lord’s wisdom. I keep wanting to lean on my own understanding.

    Thanks for the devotional, Pamela

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