Learn Your Lessons Quickly

I can’t tell you how many times in my life, saved and unsaved; that I have gone around the mountain with God.  Learning lessons over and over with God because of my own stupidity or lack of surrender.  I am so impatient with the majority of stuff that flows in and out of my life, and hate having to wait for things. Living in a “no wait” society just seems to add fuel to the fire, but it also has allowed me to finally let God have His way with me. There is that saying “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”. That is pretty much what I have been telling God for several months now. The closer I get to Him, the closer He gets to me, which is starting to really leave me longing for more. I am at the point now where I can’t seem to get enough of Him. I think this is a really, really good problem, but once again, it is opening up my heart to impatience. I am seeing that God is preparing me for stuff more clearly, and I’m saying “O.K. God let’s get to work, no time to loose, I’ve wasted enough time, so where are we off to Lord?”. And you know what He said?  “Wait Robin”. Not again God, you have got to be kidding me, I am starting to feel like my whole life is a huge waiting game. But God is quick to remind me that as awesome as it is to be growing on this deeper level with Him, I still have tons of stuff that He needs to be teaching me; such as, patience; discernment, love, grace, forgiveness; go ahead, pick a virtue… How about trust? Obedience? Discipline?…. As frustrating as this list started making me, the Holy Spirit was quick to remind me of what I had asked for. I’ve asked to become more like Jesus in every way possible; and doing that, is going to take all of these listed above. As much as I cherish surrender and worship; God is showing me that those are just the tip of the ice burg in becoming more like Christ. To become like Christ, we need His heart; we need to model him in every way; and that is a huge and challenging task for us mirey humans. We’re always gonna fall short, but as I was reminded yesterday by a friend; it is important to learn you lessons quickly, or else God is going to keep making you re-learn them. As much as I want to be used by God, and leave my mark on this world, I am quickly and thankfully finding myself more and more at the foot of The Cross in surrender and worship. Surrendering the doubts, fears, anxieties…. and then worshiping with every ounce of desperation and love; granting Him complete access to what He wants to do and have me learn. So this has become my latest prayer to God; that He would make me aware of what I need to learn each day, and help me to learn it quickly so that I can grow and move into whatever He wants to do with me. Thank you father for never letting go, for always leading us in your ways. Thank you for your Word, that is full of truth, guidance and wisdom; come and help me learn more of it, and make it stick to my soul forever. I will wait on you, and I will obey, I desire only you, and I know that you only have good things for me. Thank you for being patient with me Lord and thank you for helping me learn this lesson today. I love you Lord, and I just want to live to bring Glory to your name. Help me to know that you are near and will never leave me or forsake me.  Thank You Lord for the fire that is burning inside of me, may it never go out, but become a beautiful light to guide me in becoming more like Jesus, and may you use it to guide others to you as well.  Amen

8 thoughts on “Learn Your Lessons Quickly

  1. evidentally i have problems learning any of my lessons LOL–your blog reminds me of one of my favorite sayins “i am the potter you are the clay”–we all need to be patient while he molds us into what he wants us to be and when he is ready we will all be his nice shiny pot/vase–i can see (as i read your blog) how your pot is changing and growing and forming–blessings to your robin
    wendy (me, i am about ready to be thrown in the firing “urn” already HA HA)

  2. O Robin..can’t you see my sister you are already doing God’s work. Here it is..this blog ‘Desperate for more of Him’. It is a blessing and it is glorifying our Lord. I know that you want more..but don’t despise small beginnings. Just be faithful with what He has given you and He will expand your territory for sure. He may be saying “Wait..wait here for awhile” Here is where He has you growing. Here is where you are sharing your heart. So be patient just awhile longer and keep doing what you’re doing.

    By the way..thanks for your comment today. It truly blessed me.


  3. It is easy to sense your passion for the Lord, and the freshness of your walk with Him. I know it may not seem like it to you, but He is already doing a phenomenal work with your life – you don’t need to feel that it is just endless waiting. It’s already begun by your work/writing here on your blog. And in the meantime, you are also creating your own history with God and allowing Him to show you His heart, His plan and His nature. You are a blessing to others right here. Already! God bless you!

  4. Amen to your prayer both for you and me! I know just what you mean. God has brought me closer to Him, and it makes me want more. I get so impatient too!!! I also feel like He is preparing me for the next thing, but what, I don’t know yet. All I know is I want more of Him and it is frutrating me to wait! But He is good and He is doing the very best for us! Bless you! jenny

  5. Robin,

    You are a beautiful light! I know I’ve said it before…what wisdom in your words! I too, Like you, and many others, have asked to be close to God (the closest I can be to Him, here on earth). The song “Jesus Bring the Rain,” I think it’s by Mercy Me, always comes to my mind. The lyrics speak exactly how I feel, and how you feel-I’m sure. God is teaching you through waiting. I know- it’s the hardest part. But remember, “Those who wait upon the Lord will fly with wings like eagles.”

  6. The closer I get to Him, the closer He gets to me, which is starting to really leave me longing for more.

    That is just the way it is sis when you are close to God that is when you know you have to get closer and closer Cos he becomes real to you and He shows you things you didn’t know both spiritual and physical.

    Great post in all you are indeed blessed

  7. Hello Robin,

    How true this is. I remember a minister saying one time that if we could just get a passing D grade that would be enough for God. But so much of the time we just keep failing (F) miserably and then around the mountain we go again. I don’t know how many times I have had to learn this myself. But God is patient and Longsuffering with us of course :).

    By the way your daughter is a cutie!

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