What’s filling up your faith?

A few weeks ago I had a chance to sit down with my senior pastor and talk about my faith and where I am in it all.   One of the main  topics of our discussion was experiencing the manifested presence of God, and why so many don’t encounter Christ in this way.  As we talked, I was reminded that people just fill themselves with so much less than what God has to offer us. I think for many, it’s getting caught up in the busyness of life, and not really stopping long enough to re-think or readjust over filled schedules, for others it’s way to much time in front of meaningless programs on TV, and still for others it’s not truly surrendering and stepping out in faith of what we claim to believe.   My pastor gave an example of soda crackers and steak and ice cream.   “Say over here to my left there are people who are munching on a bunch of soda crackers; they’r loving them, thinking they taste better than anything they have ever had before.  On my right you and I are sitting here eating steak and ice cream; we’re yelling over to those guys to come over here and try a bite of our stuff, but they just say “no thanks” these crackers are perfect.  We look at eachother and say, “man, they sure don’t know what they are missing”.  Wouldn’t you agree?  This is how many approach their faith in Christ.  I’ve heard so many stories of people saying “Well,  I’m saved, so we’ll just go to church, maybe a Bible study, volenteer, and we’ll be good to go, life will be complete”.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but Jesus didn’t die just to get you into heaven.  He died for you to LIVE, and to have life in abundance.  Again, this isn’t about getting stuff out of  the hand of God, but it very much is about getting as much of God into your soul as you possible can, which will actually never be enough!  The bible tells us to rid ourselves of the things of this world and live humble lives before God.  So many Chirstians pass right over thiis and go on about life as a “causual Christian”.  If you’ve noticed on this blog, I don’t always quote scriptures in my posts; that is for a few reasons.  Fisrt of all, I don’t always feel the need to and second, sometimes I think it’s easy throw in a quote here and there, but are you being genuine when you do it? or are you just wanting to sound spiritual?  I see time and time again people who can quote scriptures, but live full of fear, full of doubt, full of anxiety, full of pride, ect….    I deal with these things too, but it’s in how we deal with them that will make all the difference.  I’m getting in the habit now, that when I get attacked by fears and doubts, to run to the Word of God, find His promises, His truths, His love, His forgiveness, and cling to them.  I think too often we tend to run to the latest self-help best seller or new Christian author who seems to put our fears at ease.  I like to read too, and it is therapeutic at times, but make sure you go back to scripture and back up whatever you are reading with The Truth of The Word of God.   Music is another great way to fill up your faith.  I constantly have worship music on in my house, not just because I enjoy listening to it, but my faith gets continually strengthened and re-energized on a continual basis.  I know that I would have never gotten to the point that I am until I decided to surrender it all over to God, and that too, is a daily, moment by moment step out into my faith and obedience that I hand over to God as ell.  I’ve talked previously about how it hurts, and that is true; no pain, no gain, no guts, no glory.  If you don’t believe me on this, just look at the example that we have in Jesus nailed to a cross and then rising up into heaven where his crown and seat  next to the Father was waiting for him.  So let me encourage you to read some of the many promises in The Word, go out and get a bible promise book on scriptures if that helps you, but just take your faith seriously.  I recently read on a blog “Jesus gave it all for me, so how could I even think about giving anything less for him”.  I read that and thought “right on, how true”.  My heart knew that is what he expects out of all of us, and how can we sit here, so complacent, while he has saved us, set us apart as his disciples, to go out and help the lost and the hurting.   Please remember too, we are useless in our own strength.  We need his holy help, we need his spirit to guide us and teach us, giving us wisdom and discernment.  I know for me this is something I am going to be praying about more in my own life.  There is great power in prayer too, and I’d also like to challenge people to take that more seriously.  Prayer is one of the best ways we can fill our spiritual appetite, learn to surrender, and enter into his presence.  I guess my heart is heavy today b/c I want to see people truly live sold out for Christ.  As much as I know Christians face many different trials, there is nothing that our God can not and does not want to rush in and help us with; but we need to come and empty our self at The Cross so he can truly Fill Us.  My prayer, is that you will read this and really take some time to re-examine your faith, and your relationship with God.  Are you feeling sold out for him?  Are you truly living for Him?  Are you holding on the truths of the Bible? Are you captivated by him? Are you hunger? and is your relationship with him filling you?  If not, I’d ask you to go to God and ask him to send his spirit upon you, to fill you, to help you surrender, to heal you, and to bring you into a closer relationship with him of pure love and devotion.  That is why he died for us, that we might experience his amazing love and be changed forever; then to go and give that love away to a broken world who needs him just as much as we do.  Always be hungry for him and always let him be the only thing that fills you.  Blessings. Robin

10 thoughts on “What’s filling up your faith?

  1. Great post, Robin

    And thanks for visiting my blog! It’s funny to see the same template–I think you’re the first one I’ve seen using it, so maybe great minds think alike. 😉 I’ll add it to my subscription list and look forward to hearing more from you.

    God bless, Cindy

  2. Well said. Thank you.

    When I was 18 I decided to leave the country once a year to see what God was doing all over the world. I alternate between going on a mission trip and just being a tourist, but always I am looking for God to expand my Kingdom view. I have seen God alive in so many ways that I could never experience at home.

    Mother Teresa said regarding the poor. “Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.” Working with the poor is where my encounters with Jesus have been most profound.

    Thank you for the challenge.


  3. I love your passion about God, here and in your comments on my blog. I feel the same way about Him. I thrills me to hear someone else saying how crazy they are about God!

    I feel the same as you. I wish the church would WAKE UP and be sold-out, whole-heartedly devoted to God. It is what we were made for and what we need to be truly content and satisfied in our life. But its hard to know that until you actually experience it. You’re right, it is like the soda crackers. Where you’re eating them, they seem fine, but you have no idea what else is available to you, what you’re missing!

    It is so neat to talk with someone who also feels this way about God. I love hearing that He is doing the same thing in you. Its like looking into a mirror and saying, “That is so cool, she knows God like I do!” Perhaps I see Jesus in you in the mirror? I love it! Bless you, jenny

  4. i honestly hope to someday have this totally passion–i so try and strive for that–and i hope to one day have that and sorry that i don’t–but your blog, as well as others are such an inspiriation to me and i hope that mine can be to others as well–blessing to you robin and may you continue to be an inspiration’

  5. Hello Robin,

    May we continue to pray for others to have an experience with the Lord Jesus so they too can burn with a passionate love for Him.

    Great post Robin and may the fire that is within you continually be fanned so as it will spread to others around you!

  6. Hi Robin, as I read you blog each time I see such a growth in your faith. If one goes back to when you first began to write you can see how far you have indeed grown in your faith in God. What you wrote today was much needed. I am so very proud of you my friend. Continue your faith journey with the Lord my friend. Blessings!

  7. That was a profound and incredibly challenging post. I often feel ho-hum in my walk with God and I do want more of him so thanks for the reminder that I need to turn to his Word. And sometimes with all the temptations around us, that does indeed take discipline and hard work. Blessings.

  8. This is great post sis Robin, The power of God is working wonders in your life and it is visible to all to see.

    A great question to think of but many Chrsitians do not use their faith in God so tis is a great post to remind us all


  9. I love this whole topic, but I smiled especially big when I read, “Jesus didn’t just die to get you into heaven, he died so you could LIVE!” AMEN!! Experience our Father…a relationship with Him is full of true love and affirmation; He truly is the only necessary piece in our lives…thanks for this, Robin…be blessed as well! 🙂

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