Then Sings My Soul Saturday

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This is a new song from The Fray called “You Found Me”.  I remember hearing the story about the song, and the new direction that the band is going to be taking, it’s pretty cool.   The video I wanted to use is disabled on Youtube, but you can go there and watch it, there are a few, and one is the band talking about the song; so here is one that I found to post anyhow.   I love this song, not just for how it sounds, but because lyrically, I think we can all relate to it.  I hope you enjoy it and it blessed your soul. 

Here’s an article I got off

 The Fray are releasing their self-titled sophomore effort to the Christian market on February 3, 2009. The band, who sold 3.2 million copies of their mainstream debut album How To Save A Life, opted to release this second album in both markets.

That’s kind of unusual in an industry where a lot of Christian bands are trying to break free from the Christian music label so they can find success in the mainstream. But in a video for the song “You Found Me” that includes some behind the scenes footage, lead vocalist Isaac Slade says that his album is what they would have done the first time if they had the time, and where they want to go for the rest of their career.

The first single “You Found Me” was released to Christian radio early this year, and landed at #23 on R&R’s Christian CHR. The song was also used as the promo for the new season of ABC’s “Lost.”

You can preorder the deluxe version of The Fray’s new album and get a free download of a live album not available anywhere else.

For more about The Fray, visit their MySpace page.

What songs topped the Christian music charts for 2008? Check out this Gospel Soundcheck post, Radio and Record’s Most Played Christian Songs of 2008.


2 thoughts on “Then Sings My Soul Saturday

  1. Blessings Robin…girlforgod I found you. I have been looking for you since you left a comment for me and when I clicked on your name it did not link me here or anywhere. I had no idea. I’m so sorry but so glad I found you.

    Fray…hey! Didn’t know them. You Found Me has profound lyrics. Anyways, in the beginning it say on the corner of….and amistad…Did you know that means “friendship”? What a friend we have in Jesus but are we being that to others?

    Hope you enjoy TSMSS and stop over again so we can get to know each other. Thanks for your previous visit!

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