Affirmation in numbers

It’s so unlike me to not blog all week, but as I have said before, I am trying to be led by the Spirit and voice of God in my efforts here.  I had an opportunity yesterday to sit down with my senior pastor and our worship pastor, each on a one on one basis.  It was so amazing how things unraveled in the conversations.  You see, I had scheduled these appointments to meet with them a few weeks prior, and surely thought I’d go in with some kind of outline or thought process to make the most of our time together.  Well, as you  can tell from my lack of blogging, nothing profound was really hitting me, and I was kind of getting agitated and asking God what exactly is my point again in meeting with these guys.  I’ve done allot of emailing to them and some others this past year, and just felt it was time to have a face to face, uninterrupted conversation.  It was amazing how the whole “unscripted” hour with each went.  I left feeling like I was truly understood in where I was in my walk with God, and in my worship personality; it turns out we all had allot of these things in common, along with some similar God encounters and desires; and I felt really good about allot of stuff and what God is doing in me, and our church.   I share this because I think God is using numbers to get my attention and affirm what he tells me at different times.   About a month or so ago, I felt it in my spirit to stop leading a bible study at church that was not taking off, as much as I had tried to stick it out, it was just going no where.  I was asked 3 times by the head of the women’s ministry if I wanted to discontinue, and 3 times I said yes.  I believe God asked me 3 times through this person, to have me affirm and obey.  Also, in recent discussions regarding my worship personality, I had shared some of my desires and fears about standing up and worshiping in spirit and in truth; even though I have bloged about this, it is another thing to actually break through and put it into practice. I asked 3 different pastors, at 3 different times and again, they all affirmed that yes, it is completely fine and acceptable to stand up and worship if that is what I am feeling lead to do (of course asking the spirit as well as if it is an appropriate moment in the service, as to not be a distraction, if God is working in a certain way). I first shared this with our Pastor of group life a few weeks ago, who told me it was perfectly acceptable, and indeed what I should do to fully honor God through my worship.   As I shared these fears again with my senior pastor yesterday, he looked at me and smiled and said “Stand Up Robin, Stand Up”. I’ll never forget his look and the way he said it.  I felt like he was sending me out to take the next step of faith with God.  I know this affirmation is just what I needed from him being our senior pastor, I finally feel like I got the spiritual “green light” to worship the way that I am wired.  It was later affirmed again, in my conversation with our worship pastor.  I bring these examples up, because I have been noticing a patten of numbers, which seems to be 3, that God is using.  I wonder, if I really think hard enough if I’d find  more 3’s in my journey?  I find it pretty cool how God uses numbers, I know the Bible is filled with 7’s and 40’s, not to mention Peter’s denial 3x’s;  but to have Him use 3 with me, is kind of cool I think, especially when he knows how much I hate numbers in the real world.  I  was wondering from all you who may be reading this, if God has used numbers with you as well and how?  Have you had experiences of people affirming things in your life?  I am really glad that God has been showing me these different things, and I am glad that I am growing  in my ability to pick up on them and hear his affirming voice more and more.

5 thoughts on “Affirmation in numbers

  1. I’m glad you explained this because I was curious after reading your status on Facebook! 🙂 That’s great the meeting went well and you are knowing what direction God wants you to go in.

    I also found God leading me to write less several months ago. I was writing everyday but becoming very anxious about what I would write each day, feeling pressured by it. And God led me to slow down and only write when He tells me to.

    Thanks for your encouragement on my blog! Bless you, Robin!

  2. Hi Robin, The one thing that is true is that God’s has a different way of doing things than we do. He has given you talents and abilities because he intends to use them. You have a way of writing that just speaks from your heart.
    Sometimes he has us wait before he gives us a message to write. Why? Only he knows. All we are called to do is to surrender to his call.

    Maybe you feel more comfortable taking trepid steps in what you do for the Lord. He will then send affirmations to you to let you know that you are on the right path. I think that you might know yourself what you should do but want to get that sign from God to just affirm what you feel. That is okay because you are seeking to do it his way and not your own. {Gideon asked for two signs} I don’t know if the numbers matter, I just think that God knows how you want to honor him with your decisions so he will make it clear. He says in his word that if you want to know what to do, just ask and he will give you the answer and not hold it against you.

    Whatever the reason, just know that you are offering yourself and your talent to him. He won’t let you take the wrong path.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Robin, you are welcome to come up to the balcony anytime! We are a different breed. A little expressive worship won’t phase anybody up there. I thrilled your seeing more clearly and thrilled I finally figured out how to comment…

  4. I was wondering about you too–glad your meeting went well–i, myself keep feeling called to meet with my pastor and discipleship pastor lately too–been chatting with them via email–maybe i would better about somethings too if i took that extra step–i liked your “numbers” thing–i will have to pay more attention to that–have you ever looked into your “spiriutal gifts”–i have a book on that a took one “quiz” thing online–and some of my biggest struggles appear to be my gifts–find that interesting–remember to be proud of who and what “god” made you to be–and use those talents for his “grace”–bless you Robin!!!!
    Missed Ya

  5. I have experienced God’s affirmation through the words and actions of others. Sometimes, it has saved me a lot of heartache. Other times, I have declined to “listen” and gone my own way. I’m a work in progress, trying to keep my eyes open for times when God is affirming something through others. Thanks for the great post!

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