Sunday Sing-Along

I was sooo glad to see my friend Stacy over at Confessions of a pastor’s wife get her Sunday Sing-along back online, and guess who’s first, yipee me 🙂  As I was looking at some videos on youtube this past week, I came across one by Jared Anderson who is a part of New Life Worship.  This song, Hiding Place is not only a beautiful song, but it reminds me that we can always run to our God who brings us healing, security, safety  love, acceptance, and more of Him than we can ever imagine.  Thank you Jesus, Thank you God, Thank you Spirit.  May this song bless you and remind you that we can always run to Him, His loving arms are always open, His forgiveness is always available, His love is never-ending.  He Loves you soooo much.  I pray that you are reminded of His awesome love, in the arms that He carries you in, in the arms that He holds us in, and in the hands that dry our every tear. 

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sing-Along

  1. What a beautiful song! I’m so glad you shared it. I can’t wait to send it over to my Mom. She’ll love it, too!

    Thanks Robin,

  2. Thanks for this song, Robin. So true…we need to RUN to HIM for our needs…no where else!!

    Hey, thanks so much too for your encouragement to me…for visits to my blog and uplifting comments. You have been a blessing.

    Love in Christ,

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