Reminiscing On My Growth (Part 2)

I started drafting this post last night b/c I was trying to get ahead a little bit.  Little did I know that when I went to The Father this morning my heart would being to pour out in ways I wasn’t expecting.  I had to surrender some more stuff.  You know, that really hard, gut wrenching stuff we don’t want to deal with.  Part of it is me getting things under control in some areas my personal life, and the other part is once again handing over my “undefined” dreams that I place at the feet of Jesus.  There wasn’t really a scripture that really stuck out in my head; I’m sure there where tons of them circling around in there, but I find when I surrender, it truly does cleans me.  I knew it was genuine when the tears just rolled out of my tightly shut eyes.  I know in everything God has a purpose, He has plans for my life, He wants to bless me in ways I can’t even think of; and so now, I will wait, I will obey, I will worship, I wil pray, I will believe, I will trust.  I will strive to live my life as close as sold-out for Christ that His grace will allow!  Here we go into my post of surrender.  Isn’t it funny how God used it this morning to remind me that even I will always need to surrender at the feet of Jesus!  Praise God for that!  Thank You Jesus for who you are and what you doing in all of our lives.  May we always remember to give God All The Glory in Everything.

Ah Yes, here we start on one of my favorite blog topics; Surrender!!  I could go on and on, but let’s just hit basics shall we??  Surrender IS Beautiful, and it’s what He wants from all of us.  Yes, it’s a life-long, daily, sometimes, moment by aching moment process.  It is an act of worship to God that the more we do it, the better we get at it, but of course never quite mastering it.  Surrender Is Painful at times, but oh the Glory it will bring forth to God and growth to your walk!  We must come to a place of desperation, of utter despair and sold-out need for Him for surrender to really have a good effect, at least that has been my experience.  The more I’ve surrendered the big, yucky stuff, the more natural it gets to surrender the everyday junk.  It’s a process no doubt, where some will take years or perhaps even a life time to Surrender All, but if I could give a word of advice from my experience, think of it in terms of surgery, (spiritual surgery); God need to operate on your heart, but it’s only gonna happen if you check-in to His hospital.  Wounds will heal, even though our scars of the memories never let us forget; God does.

As I’ve surrendered more and more to God, I thirst more for His Word, and I hold on more clearly to His truths in the Bible.  He is Mighty in so many ways!  He is the author of the universe and can bring people into their salvation, He can bring them into surrender. but the heart must be willing.  I often find myself praying for the unsaved, and the un-surrendered.  As you grow, you start to see the restrictions that others put on their circumstances, and it breaks my heart because Jesus died to give us such a rich life, full of his loving kindness, mercy and love.  Being unemployed for as long as I have, is such a blessing.  I get to spend extra time in the Word, I get to enjoy my daughter, He’s showing me how to better use my money and budget (even though this is a very difficult and slow process for me); and the list of His goodness goes on; I’ve remained healthy even w/o health insurance, my car is still running well with over 100,000 miles on the odometer, and on, and on, and on….. I truly believe God is blessing me in these ways because of my constant obedience and surrender.  So many times people get worldly prosperity mixed up with the Truth of The Word of God, but I am here to tell you Jesus never said we were going to Worldly Rich and worry free, this is the lie the devil uses sooo many times with false teachers and misguided preachers; it’s truly sad to see people being misinformed in the ways of God.

God truly wants to bless us, and He does so in such surprising ways!  I was once having a bad day, and God made things better by having  worship leader Jeff Deyo respond to an email that I sent him about his song “Jesus I surrender” .  It’s a very special song to me b/c it was at a time when I experienced the very powerful presence of God that radically changed me into the sold-out Christ follower I desire to be today!  So many times in my life God has used music and songs to not only get my attention, but to draw me close to Him.  I have become in love with Worshiping God for who He is through song.  I love to read about the way King David danced, because that is very much how I feel and rejoice in The Lord myself!  I am such an enthusiastic worshiper, I want to worship Him with my life!  So many days, I am in the car, with the CD blaring, singing at the top of my lungs, sometimes I don’t even want to get out of the car when I’ve reached my destination; I just get sooo caught up in worship, even at home; I’ve had a few times where I just have to turn off the ipod or the stereo speakers b/c I don’t want to do anything else but dance around and worship!!    I’ve been blessed with bloggers who share my enthusiasm for Christ, and I look forward to 2009 being a year where God is going to Shine!  I really feel that He is going to move in some amazing ways, in my life, in my church life, in our nation; I just sense God moving and doing mighty works!  How about you?  Do you sense that too?  I hope so.  God Bless!  Robin



4 thoughts on “Reminiscing On My Growth (Part 2)

  1. Robin-ANother inspiring post, and a newsboy song i never heard–each time i read your blog–i say Lord show me how–lord show me what my road blocks are so that i can surrender completely??–help me to remove them–you are such a strong person in christ–may your faith continue to inspire those you touch.

  2. Great Post Robin… You are right about surrender… dying daily… it’s one of the most difficult things to do… but the most rewarding… because that is when God can really deal with us.


  3. Hey Robin –
    You are so transparent and enthusiastic and real in your writing – I really appreciate that, and I know it must inspire anyone who reads it to follow your lead to surrender. For me, it is an ongoing, never-ending thing. Sometimes the hard times force us into it with wild abandon, like your post today. And yes, the waiting is always the hardest part. LET IT GO!
    God bless!

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