Your My Healer, Nothing Is Imposible For You!

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As I woke up today, it was evident that this lovely little virus that I am fighting is still hanging around. You know I’m sick, when I’m not even in the mood for making coffee in the morning, which I didn’t. Anyway, as I tried to play with my daughter a bit today, and get all her needs met, all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed. Even as I type this, she is demanding my attention. It’s so hard, but God is near. A few minutes ago, as I was making her a waffle, I stood in front of the toaster and just closed my eyes and surrendered in the moement. I knew I needed Him right then, and I obeyed by seeking his help. I bring this up b/c yesterday in a previous post I had a reader who I think was struggling with surrendering in the moment. I thought I’d share this, to kind of give an example of how it works in my life. I did crawl into bed for about 5 minutes wanting to be closer to Jesus. It’s then that He gave me the nudge to come over here and post to you all. I started singing the song “Healer” by Ten Sheckle Shirt. I wanted to share it with you here today, since God placed it on my heart, but when I went over to Youtube to search it, God brought me to another song. “Healer” by Planet Shakers. It’s in this song that God reminded me that Yes, He is my healer, and He is All I need; In every moment of every day. Whether I am sick, tired, trying to spend time with my daughter, or just trying to escape from the everyday, He is All I Need, and Nothing is Imposible For Him. So Come, Jesus, Heal Me of my sickness today, and show me your purposes for my life becasue all I want to do is live to honor you. Nothing is impossible for you Jesus, Show me your amazing work. Amen. May you all be blessed today and feel His healing touch right where you are in your life at the moement.

6 thoughts on “Your My Healer, Nothing Is Imposible For You!

  1. I believe your my healer!! All we have to do is call on him and he is with us!!
    Thanks for this song.
    Praying you are feeling better!

  2. That is an awesome song! I had never heard that before…that is one of the reasons I love doing this on Saturdays!

    I read your testimony and it was very touching. God calls us all at some point in our lives and I am so glad that you answered that call. I will look forward to visiting your blog more often from now on.

    BTW…be sure to sign up for my giveaway on my blog and add two comments since you linked to my blog!


  3. Last night my husband and I had a powerful prayer time and we spoke together a lot as well. God is good and faithful. Those things I was alluding to yesterday are now GONE. Deep things that constantly held me back. God delt with them so completely. I used think I was free but they would come back. He has healed me completely. I feel empty of it, lighter, FREE! Hubby even said after that my eyes looked different. I’m a new creation in Christ! PRAISE THE LORD!
    I hope your virus is gone very soon and you are full of energy to live.
    Thank you for your openess in sharing, it was a catalyst toward me facing some of the things. I can’t believe (but believe) that it’s GONE! woohoo!

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