Surrender Is So Beautiful And It’s What He Wants For You!

As I was going about my morning I was reminded on several occasions of the Beauty of Surrender.  Yesterday, I mentioned how surrender is painful and that is why many people shy away from it; but don’t forget; to grow, we MUST be Pruned by His Hand.  Sometimes it’s easy to look at other people and say “wow, the grass is surely greener on the other side”; but what we tend to forget is what they had to or are currently going through to get to where they are.  This is very true in my life.  I’ve been through tons of God’s refining fire, BUT OH’ THE BEAUTIFUL SURRENDER! THAT TOOK PLACE!   It’s only when we truly let it ALL go are we going to be able to move into everything He has for us.  I know it’s hard, I know it’s painful, but don’t you want Everything God wants for you?  This isn’t about getting stuff from God, like God has a bag of goodies for us.  Yes, He does want to bless us, His Children, but only by shear obedience and surrender.  Experiencing The Presence of God has dramatically changed my life.  Salvation is great, but Oh His Presence is Indescribable.  This is such a big deal for me b/c God draws me in with music.  It’s a very powerful force in my life, and one that I have always wanted to be involved in, but this too, I have had to surrender to God.  I’m still waiting, but I am at such peace.  I have soooooo much joy, and there is so much beauty in everything in life.  Seeking His face is all I want anymore.  People look at my life and don’t get allot of stuff about me.  I’ve been unemployed for almost a year, I’ve struggled to find myself in different ways, there are things in life that have been really,really, hard and painful, but I can sit here today, with such confidence, hope, joy, and security in The One That I call My Savior!!!  He is My Savior, He is My God, He is My Best Friend, and The Lover of My Soul!  These just are not songs, or about lyrics, but about knowing God in the deepest place of your being.  This is about knowing that yes, in this world we will have trouble, and yes, life is full of pain and hardships, but if we’d just learn to give it All To Him!  It’s all or nothing people!  When I got saved almost 10 years ago, I was part of an amazing ministry.  It doesn’t exist anymore, but God used it for His exact purposes and for His Glory.  See, it wasn’t just about me getting saved, yet that was good, it took all these years up to now to let God work in everything in my life to be able to reveal His glory to me.  I know some of you people may not get what I am saying, but just roll with it.   Everything that happens to us is for His Glory.  Yes, the sickness, the pain, the not understanding why this, that, or the other isn’t working.  I’ve gone to God sooo many time asking WHY,  and His reply was always the same; “Be Still and Know that I am God” Psalm 46:10.  After experiencing His presence, He kicked it up a notch and gave me “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jer. 29:11. Now, being unemployed for this long, you better believe that I am holding on to this truth!  The point of all this is that we will never move into all that God wants for us and to be able to do through us,until we learn how to honestly Surrender All!  This is a really big passion in my heart lately, and I don’t know what to do with it; but I do know one thing, along with surrendering it over to God, I am getting out of the way so He can work.   I think we many times limit what God wants to do in our lives b/c either we don’t have the faith behind it, or we are trying to do it in our own strength, kind of like “O.K. God, I got this one, thanks anyway”.  It doesn’t work like that.  It’s all or nothing!  Don’t get me wrong, we all have our days.  God knows I can be just as stubborn as the next person when it comes to “let go and let God”, but I hope that I have learned that as much as I try and hold on to stuff, or do it on my own w/o the help of God, I don’t get very far.  I know there are allot of people who are really struggling with this, and I kow this post is getting long, but I truly felt God leading me to write this today.   Honestly, I’m still feeling like crap and I didn’t even want to post, but I felt the spirit lead, and I knew it was my part to obey.  See, this is how close He wants to get to you; even closer!  It’s up to us to cooperate with all of it.  Surrender is Beautiful!  I can’t write enough to make you see, it’s something that you have to experienc for yourself.  My prayer is that you would desire all that God wants for you, nad that you would become so desperate for God that you’d be willing to do what ever it takes to get there.  It’s a big prayer, with a big price, but in the end the surrender is So Beautiful!  Trust me, I’ve been there.  Better yet, Trust Him, He’s waiting for your surrender. The following video, I’ve posted befor, but felt lead to post again. It’s a very powerful video in the sense that if you listen to the words, they will draw you in, and if you watch the band play, especially the lead singer, you will see them experience the Presence of God.  Jesus Come, and Take Control.

10 thoughts on “Surrender Is So Beautiful And It’s What He Wants For You!

  1. I love your post. I agree with all you are saying. It seems we are posting along the same lines, God is teaching us similar things. It is really neat!

    God saved me 20 years ago, and it took 18 before He could get me to surrender all! And you’re right, it is more than worth it. It is so rewarding. I have found that He is my life. He is everything and there is nothing else worthwhile besides Him.

    I didn’t know we were so close in age. I’m 38. Bless you, Robin!

  2. Oh yeah, and you were talking about His presence too. It is awesome! It is what I want, His constant, consistent presence. Once you’ve experienced it, it becomes all you want, and is what I live for! 🙂

    In fact, I changed the title of my blog, the byline and the bible verse on the right sidebar. As I was driving home today, I felt God telling me He wanted me to go in a new diretion, writing about pursuing God at all costs and a consistent, constant relationship with Him.

  3. Yep, your sooooo right. It’s All I Want!!!!
    His Constant, Consistent Presence!!!!
    It’s All I Live For Too!!!
    Now, if it could just pay the bills, LOL!

    I too, have changed my blog. I use to be over at w/ 3 blogs, and God lead me over here to wordpress. I was able to merge them all into this one. I feel like you, I felt God lead me in a new direction in my writting to bring Glory to Him through my experiences. In doing so, my title and taglines changed too, when I made the move over here. It’s so great to listen and obey, and see what He unfolds. Be blessed my friend.

  4. I love your title and byline on this blog. “Desperate for More of Him” is perfect! Exactly how I feel too. Your byline reminds me of a study we did this past fall called “Satisfy My Thirsty Soul” by Linda Dillow. It was all about worshiping God by submitting our whole lives to Him, about enjoying His presence, and she talked about some of her and her friends experiences with God. I really enjoyed it. Bless you, Robin!

  5. You preach it Sister. Amen!

    Since I accepted Jesus, this is the one thing that He has emphasized to me the most. He asks me…Do you trust Me? Do you believe my Word? Don’t you know that I love you? Then surrender…surrender your children, your husband, your very life, the words you speak to others, and so on…

    It is the surrendered and exchanged life. It is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me. How could we have it any other way?

    Keep being God’s girl. Blessings to you, Angie

  6. As you know I celebrated my 15th birthday yesterday (second birthday) and spent the afternoon surrendering to God through music. He draws me in in the same way as you. I went through the “be still and know I am God” years and am presently in the “know the plan I have” again, still. I thought I’d surrendered all, especially 8 years ago when I had a growth in my hip, new born baby and not knowing if I’d live to see her grow up. He healed that growth, the second time they went in to take it out, it was gone. Now I’m facing different things, harder things, deeper, personal and very emotional things to surrender. Scary things that I’m having trouble surrendering. Your prayers would be most welcome.
    Post your posts in obedience, explain as you can, but understand that if God is in it, he will see it through! He spoke to me through your post. He can truly do ALL THINGS. Be encouraged in this. You are being (will be) blessed for your obedience.
    Oh and BTW, I “get” you.
    Your sister in Christ,

  7. Hi Sister,

    That’s a lovely piece. I saw your question at Faithwriters, so if you still wanted tips you can find some at . For some reason when I replied at Faithwriters there was ‘no posts’ recorded. They may have a ‘no urls’ rule for newbies. Could be why.


    Scribewm (editor)

  8. I have wondered sometimes if part of the reason “few people find” the way, as Jesus said it, is because it means surrender… dying to our own flesh… joining Christ in the fellowship of his sufferings. This sounds so bleak to the world, but as you express so well, it is in dying that we are born again. Praise the Lord for this revelation and for His grace! I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me.

    Don’t ever let the Devil convince you that what you are doing doesn’t matter. Olivia is blessed to have a mom who loves the Lord, and she is a blessing from God’s own hand to you (-: You are also a blessing to me and the others who are reading your blog!

  9. Great Spirit-led post on surrender! You are so right…when people think the grass is greener, you can say “You see the glory, but you don’t know the story!”

    Stop over at my blog. There is an award waiting for you!

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