Jesus, I Surrender!

Alrighty then, 3 posts in one day, this is a record; but hey when He moves, He moves.  I thought it would be cool to maybe come up with a bunch of songs on Surrender.  I am already realizing that I have to re-do some of my categories and tags on the side bar; because when I merged my blogs over here to WordPress things got a bit cramped, and I am still working out some of the kinks.  So for now, here is the first song, and one of my favorites.  This whole album  from Jeff Deyo is very special to me.  I had it on my ipod for quite some time and sort of forgot about it, and then one day, the Spirit of God showed up and drenched me with His Presence for about a good week or so straight!!  I constantly listened to this album, I couldn’t stop listening,  it’s like God was speaking every single word and beat right to the depths of my soul!  It was pretty cool to say the least!  I was so over taken by His Presence that I started sharing the album with the pastor and some of the staff at my church.  I’ve yet to have that experience happen again, but I know God is with me in different ways, and His Presence is near, just not as over-powerful that it was at that very special time in my life.   So anyway, here is a very special song that God put on my heart and then melted me with it.  May it bless you and bring you to surrender and into His Presence as well.  God Bless, Robin

6 thoughts on “Jesus, I Surrender!

  1. I searched for surrender in my itunes and it came up with these & lots more :):
    Song of my surrender- Anadara( ADORE this song!)
    Surrender- BarlowGirl
    Sweet Surrender- Jaci Velasquez
    I surrender to You- Jeremy Camp
    Surrender- Misty Edwards
    Remember Surrender- Sara Groves

  2. i actually “tried” going to church again yesterday–didn’t make it through the whole service–but what a “joy” to go and will continue back until i can make it thruogh–and i like you–the music–does it for me–brings me to tears–and i think if i go in after the music maybe i can make it LOL- and i too can’t wait to read your blog on this series on surrendering–something i am trying to do myself over the next couple of weeks

  3. Hey, I wrote about surrendering today too! Amazing how God works the same thing in different people at the same time. I hope you have a blessed day!

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