God’s Affirming Voice

Oh God Thank You!  That’s all I can say at the moment.  As I posted some of my “issues” earlier today, and in past blogs, God is indeed working in my life.  Frustrated with passion for God that I have to figure out what to do with, Frustrated with “Church People” that I don’t feel like I can connect with because I am at a different Spiritual level, or maybe I just express it differently, Frustrated with just needing to understand a variety of things; God Spoke this morning.   Even though I got up too late for my life-group,  I entered church with the attitude of “O.K. God, do whatever your gonna do, I’m waiting”  Surprisingly the worship music was a bit more high energy than usual,  that really strived to engage us with God; and the new series that our pastor started is called “How to Handle your Hurts”; which is a very timly message of letting go of past hurts, and learning to not limit or restrict the Spirit of God’s work; especially when we can lack the very faith that we seem to proclaim.  This “amazing offense” is what happens when we don’t handle our offenses well, leading to the restriction of God’s work in our lives.  Now if you don’t think that left my head spinning for a good minute, you’d be wrong.  God spoke right to me, Right To Me!  It’s gonna be an interesting 4 or 5 weeks unloading this series, but I’m ready.  I think I’ve been ready for a long time, I just needed someone to remind me.  Thanks Pastor Jim.  May God Be With You, as you lead us, His people in the Adventure of letting go, letting God, Living Surrendered so we can love others.  I’ll be praying for you!  Hope you get a chance to read this, but I’ll leave that up to God, and my faith.

4 thoughts on “God’s Affirming Voice

  1. Hi Robin,

    Like the new blog. Glad you stopped by. I’m so glad you were listening when God spoke to you this morning. Isn’t He Wonderful!


  2. Wonderful series! My husband and I have been talking a lot about how we haven’t been letting go and giving it all to God. It is very clear when we don’t seek God’s guidance and try to do things on our own. That is when we make bad decisions and seem very incomplete. We are giving it all to God in 2009!

  3. Wow, amen! I’m glad to read what He started brewing in you during church this morning. What a timely message for the Body of Christ as a whole. So many people parish for a lack of knowledge in that area. They suffer disappointment, take offense towards God and ultimately end up turning away from… or perhaps equally as bad, they still go through all the “motions” but their hearts are hardened and cold.

    Anyways… I look forward to you posting more about this. Perhaps we can all glean something from this series from what you post about it on here!

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