Get Your Worship On!

Well, Yes, I’ve come to the ever-obvious conclusion that I am a High Energy Worshipper!  I know worship is a way of life (hence part of my blog title tag line), but man, nothing makes me more happy at times than to just rock out for Jesus, It’s just the way He made me.  I know I wish church could be like this, but I also know worship is a way of living out our lives for Jesus.  This is just my latest little struggle with God these days.  I’ve dealt with this issue before but it usually gets swept under the rug.  Well, I guess there is nothing stronger than prayer, so as I get ready to go to church this morning, I will be asking God to speak to me today and help me to worship Him not just in song, but with all of me, in all ares of my life.  Please keep me in your prayers too as I struggle through this (it’s hard sometimes, when you feel like the only one growing spiritually), but truth is I don’t know others hearts, just mine.  I just have allot of passion for God inside trying to get out beyond my own house walls.  So I guess I need God to show me how to re-channel my passions and /or to find ways to fully use them for His glory.   In the meantime, here is a piece of my “worshiping heart” to yours.  May you be blessed as we all strive to live surrendered for Jesus and learn to worship Him with our lives.

3 thoughts on “Get Your Worship On!

  1. I love this song!

    I pray right now that God would show you clearly how you can use that passion for Him — if it needs re-channeled, I pray that He would open up the perfect outlet for that.

    Oh, and on a side note, please keep directing your passion into what you write on here. So much of the church has fallen asleep. Their hearts have hardened. I pray that God would direct such people here, to realize what they’re missing so that God can restore that passion to them.

  2. Oh, what a cool song! Love Hillsong!!!!

    I’m glad you stopped by my blog, and I look forward to reading more of yours!!!1

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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