How Hungry Are You? I’m Starving!!

Well, I was gonna try and read through my past year in blogging and do a little post on it, and I still may at some point, but for now something else came to mind. I stopped by my folks house this afternoon to see them off as they headed out to their second home in FL. I hung out with my daughter as I was asked to do some tidying up for them so they could get on the road. I was blessed to find that there was a Hillsong Concert on Gospel Music Channel, and of course had to watch it, while I let Olivia watch cartoons in the other room. As great of a concert it was, a huge, familiar longing came over me. One reason I’ve always loved going to concerts is that it connects you with other believers and those who also enjoy the same type of music you do. We all get to hang out together and worship the same awesome God while Rocking Out. (I’ve always been a bit of a music freak). It quickly hit me that it was this very thing that I have been longing for. I remember years pasts when I had trouble finding friends to go to concerts with me, but when I did get to go, it was great! There were a few times I went by myself b/c I just couldn’t resist not going, but then too, it was somewhat a lonely experience. My church experience (as I’ve previously blogged), has been either really great or really crummy at times. I don’t know, but I think it is all boiling down to fellowship and how, even through my constant efforts to join church groups and step outside my comfort zone, something is still missing. I know their is and can be amazing fellowships with other believers, the true body of Christ, coming together in spirit and in truth, to fellowship, to worship and dance together and celebrate our lives and our Savior. It’s the kind of fellowships that when the hard stuff of life comes at us, we have a wonderful network of friends who we can call upon and count on. I know this exists, because I had it, once upon a time. I know God has taught me many life lessons and will continue to do so, but man am I ever ready to move into that fellowship of believers who stand strong for Jesus, and truly worship with every part of their lives.  I also know that I am not alone in my rant, becasue I have heard it from other believers as well.  I am tired of ministries that don’t take off, I am tired of emailing pastoral staff with my heart laid bare and getting little and often no response, I am tired of trying to fit in at church and having a longing that we can be so much more, but no one seems to be hearing me, or at least they won’t dare speak up like I would.  What is everyone so afraid of anyway?????  How quickly we forget the power of the God that lives in us!  Oh if we would just trust Him to tap into it, the things He would do!!  I am really hungry. Hungry and desperate for true fellowship’s and for experiencing Sunday church for all it was created to be. I am needing God to move in this. I am at a point of desperation and need for more of God and to be able to share that with more people than just bloggers and social networks. We were meant to live for so much more, and I am at the point that I have told God “Do whatever it takes, move me where ever you have to, just let me experience more of you and with others that have this same passion that fuels their souls, because I am tired of just being just fine, OK, la de da,… You get the point, I am sure you know what I mean. I need fellowship Jesus! I need people who understand and scream the same type of passion that I have for you! So bring it on Jesus! I am waiting for you to move more of you in my life!  Move more of us true beleivers and worshipers together so we can find eachother on this earth!!  Unite us so we can bring more glory to your name through our lives.  This is my prayer God, please hear me, Please Move In It! I’m Waiting On You Lord, and All I Want Is You and the fellowhship and relationships you created us to be in.  Here is a great song that I have been singing for a long time now. It’s my hearts desire to do whatever it takes to have more of Him on this earth. God I want to be more than fine! Amen!

7 thoughts on “How Hungry Are You? I’m Starving!!

  1. I commented on your last post and essentially what you’ve written here is why I don’t go to church at the moment…I don’t want to be spat out by going to a lukewarm church. I’m in a small country town, so there is nowhere else to go…I”m just glad God is with me ALL THE TIME EVERY MOMENT! Thank you God. THank you Robin for being so open on your blog. It’s helping me.

  2. Wow…. amen!!!

    “I am tired of emailing pastoral staff with my heart laid bare and getting little and often no response, I am tired of trying to fit in at church and having a longing that we can be so much more, but no one seems to be hearing me, or at least they won’t dare speak up like I would.”

    You are definitely not alone. That cry that you prayed at the end, I echo. May 2009 be a year of deep, authentic relationships… with friends and leaders that will stick closer than a brother.

    God bless you!

  3. It is really hard to feel alone. Our church family has recently gone thru a lot of change and I feel like a misfit, but I trust that God will show me what He is up to next. It can be very lonely waiting on Him, but I know He will come thru for you and me. Grace!

  4. God will answer your prayer. We know it is His will for us to have good Christian friends and fellowship, and to be an integral part of a church, so He will do it! Its just a matter of His timing.

    I know how you feel, I’ve been through it too. Don’t give up. He will answer you, and when He does you will be amazed at how good His plan was and what wonderful things He had in store for you. Bless you!

    P.S. Maybe I will read The Shack. Everyone keeps recommending it to me.

  5. Hi Robin, thanks for visiting my blog. I don’t necessarily have the answers to your questions but I guess what you are looking for is a small fellowship, whether a house church or a cell group within a bigger church. I pray that you will find what you are looking for.

  6. Thanks Andres Louw for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I am quite involved in my church. I go to a small group, tried to lead a number of Bible studdies that never took off. I don’t know how to help you understand my heart, but there is a deeper level of fellowhip that I am longing for, where people are truely living surrendered, walking strong, and proclaiming it. I know we are broken, and life is messy, but I do beleive that in the mess, we are suppose to band together and lift eachother up. I guess I have not left enough hands underneath me when I am down. Like I said in my post, I have tasted this, I have seen it from afar, and it’s very much wired into who we are as relational creations of God. Thank You for your prayers too.

  7. Oh Robin, how I know how you’re feeling! I have just started at uni and am really struggling with finding a church. How I echo your prayer. May 2009 be an exciting year for the church of Christ!! That we may find somewhere where we can worship Jesus as the body of Christ!

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