No More New Years Resolutions For Me This Year, Just More Of Jesus!

As I’ve checked out some of the post-Christmas blogs, it seems everyone is gearring up for the New Year, which means thinking about New Years Resolutions.  I’ve already responded to 2 of these, and thought I’ll just make it easy and post it on my blog.  I’ve always broken resolutions, many of us do.  We have good intentions, but the things of life just get in the way somehow and disctract us from our goals.  I know goals are good and helpful, but sometimes I’m just lucky to  make it through the day.  The past year has been full of tremendous spiritual growth and closeness to Jesus.  I’ve experienced His presence, but not until I went through the proccess of much painful surrender; but Oh, how it was soooo worth it, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat just to have Him that close again.  He’s been working on my heart; helping me to understand things that I go through clearer, why answers don’t always come packaged nice and neat for me; and He has started to give me a heart for others; partly to reach out to others with His Love and Kindness to those who dont’ know Him or may need more of Him; doing good works and thithing more; but He is also making me more aware of how broken and messed up we are as humans; especially in our churches.  My hearts being drawn to understand why the church is so messed up, why we do things so backwards from God’s heart and how so many (including me), get hurt by our churches.  It’s a Huge problem that I am starting to research and learn more about, and pray for God to come and help us understand it all.  So this New Year, all I want is to truely become more like Christ.  I know no one can solve all the world’s problems, and I know that there is no perfect church that exists, but I just hope and pray for all of us to desire more of God in our lives and desire giving Him more of our time and lives.  That is what I am gonna be up to this year, tryinig to get closer to God and becomming more like Jesus in all I do; as a mom, a women, and just another person doing life in this world.  How about you???????????  Below is a  song that we sang at Church at Christmas Eve service, and is very much what I want and desire for God to do in all of us!!!!  God Bless You all as we all strive to Love God, Love Others and Live Surrendered!!!

5 thoughts on “No More New Years Resolutions For Me This Year, Just More Of Jesus!

  1. Amen! I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago as I could never keep them LOL. But, one thing I did start doing which has been much more effective if learning more about God, becoming more of who He created me to be and to continue to do His will in my life. I love the Lord so much and as each New Year comes I look forward to the new and exciting ways in which He changes my life for the good! AMEN!

  2. Robin,

    Good post here.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. It’s how I found yours!

    Also, feel free to repost that blog post you were asking about.

  3. Robin,
    It always breaks my heart to hear how people have been hurt by the church. But now, as you go into 2009 with a commitment to becoming even more like Christ, you will perhaps be more equipped to be one of the believers reaching out to the hurting in churches. You know what they’ve been through. Be blessed in 2009!

  4. I like the idea of “doing life in this world.”

    And I completely understand feeling frustrated with the church. I go back and forth myself. I need a church community–or a Christian community at least–and I’m not ready to throw out the whole institution. It does frustrate me sometimes because it can get so self-obsessed.

    (And I like Watermark, too. Thanks for the video post.)

  5. Thanks for commenting on my “New Years Resolutions” post. I made it to yours…still have a lot to read to be up to date, but I don’t have much on now that the rellies have gone home. I too am wanting to get closer to God (all the time, everyday) and am extremely frustrated with Church. What frustrates me most is that when I don’t go, people think I’ve fallen away from God. They assume going to church is being close to God when in fact, for me I’ve felt closest to God away from church.
    This has been true for most of my 14 years as a born again Christian.

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